The liner shipping industry is riddled with complexities across the entire value chain that entails collaboration with multiple stakeholders, numerous intricate functions / sub-functions, and conformity to a host of existing and emerging global / local requirements. Not to mention the specificities that each industry being served brings in. In such an expansive and demanding terrain, the failure to effectively perform the smallest of activities can have a domino effect and potentially translate into adverse outcomes, such as revenue leakage, shipment delays, penalties, customer dissatisfaction and others.

To address these challenges for the Shipping industry, WNS has partnered with Locus to offer ‘Odyssey’ – an integrated, end-to-end, cloud-based ERP platform with full functionality, incorporating powerful collaboration, communication and customer self-service capabilities. The solution is delivered to our clients ‘as a service’, enabling them to implement it as and when required, on pay-per-transaction basis. Highly configurable, the solution can be easily adapted to serve a specific or bespoke business requirement. Odyssey is linked to most ports and customs authorities around the world and proves to be a cost-effective way to augment business operations. Critical features such as ‘Electronic Verified Gross Mass (eVGM)’, advanced multi-modal functionality and freight rate filing are embedded in the platform, making it a truly comprehensive solution.

The WNS Advantage

  • More than 2,300 shipping and logistics domain experts

  • Dedicated centers of excellence for core Shipping and Logistics processes

  • Trusted service provider for 20+ global Shipping and Logistics companies


Odyssey was deployed as a carrier-focused platform to offer web-services capability to support the solution
Our value assessment helped the firm identify a strong business case to transform to a market-leading solution
Odyssey was deployed as a single platform to automate, digitize & deliver innovative customer-facing solutions

Key Features

  • Powerful Shipping Solutions

    • Functionally rich shipping-line ERP

    • Full collaboration with other shipping systems

    • Point-and-click configuration

    • Continuous feature roll-out

    • No disruptive upgrades


  • Ease of Implementation

    • Fast and easy deployment

    • Web-based – Accessible from almost anywhere and any device

    • Accessible to unlimited number of users

    • Highly available, secure and scalable


  • Actual-use Payment

    • Transaction-based pricing (and no user-based pricing)

    • No maintenance cost

    • No upgrade cost

    • No hardware / infrastructure cost


Key Benefits

  • Cost Reduction

    • Reduced initial cost of deployment

    • Reduced lifetime cost (TCO)

    • Reduced operational costs

    • Eliminated costly system upgrades


  • Efficiency Improvement

    • Reduced door-to-door booking time

    • Reduced schedule maintenance time

    • Reduced manual intervention

    • Improved collaboration with agents and shippers

    • Maintained single version of truth


  • Revenue Increase

    • Improved demurrage and detention recovery

    • Reduced errors in quotes and pricing

    • Increased opportunity through improved customer service


  • Customer Service Improvement

    • Reduced firefighting and customer issues

    • Increased customer retention

    • Improved customer experience through customer portal

    • Improved collaboration and visibility

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