A dynamic economy. An intensively competitive digital marketplace. Highly informed and demanding consumers. Today’s challenges in the retail world could not be tougher. Retailers require incisive and predictive insights on consumer behaviors and attitudes to drive successful future performance. Who will be the influencers? How will demographic shifts impact market performance? There’s a need for instant access to data and applications to make faster and informed decisions. They need partners to support them in this endeavor.

WNS’ smart strategy solutions enable retail companies to develop market-entry strategies, provide consumer and market insights, and deliver innovation strategies that optimize market spend. Powered by our award-winning proprietary analytics platform, WNS Analytics Decision Engine, WADESM, our smart analytical solutions deliver business insights across the retail value chain to enable fact-based decisions and actions.

The WNS Advantage

Our Center of Excellence delivers business intelligence and visualization solutions across the retail value chain to provide a tightly knit and connected retail world for our customers. Supply chain management, logistics, store operations, e-commerce, risk and compliance, merchandizing, marketing, global operations, finance, human resources — we seamlessly link them through strands of smart data analytics. The result is an integrated customer journey, efficient and outcome-based enterprise solutions.

Domain Expertise with Embedded Analytics: Our rich retail domain experience extends across all major categories with leading retail chains and consumer brands. We integrate analytics into this expertise to provide our customers the competitive edge of accurate revenue generation models and cost reduction opportunities.

Impact-based Engagement Models: Our outcome-based commercial and delivery models share risks and rewards to ensure that our clients’ investment is totally end-user driven. We constantly drive innovation and technology improvements to provide our clients a dependable competitive edge.

Global Delivery Excellence: With an efficient balance of onshore, near-shore and offshore components, our versatile delivery models provide tighter integration, the right skills and talent, and cultural alignment to minimize risks.

"Analytical prowess, consultancy and strategic thinking of the WNS R&A team have immensely helped us sharpen our market insights function in the developing and emerging markets. I Thank you again for being the passionate champions of emerging markets and for all your help with important analysis and strategy work."

Knowledge & Insights Head for Developing & Emerging Markets of a Global CPG Company

AON Best Employer India 2016
  • Customer Analytics
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Supply Chain Analytics
  • Supply Chain Management / Logistics Analytics
  • Merchandizing Analytics
  • Finance / HR Analytics
  • Market Research
  • E-commerce Analytics
  • Store Operations Analytics
  • Risk and Compliance Analytics

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