Innovations in financial technology have revolutionized the financial sector by streamlining wealth management, lending & borrowing, retail banking, fundraising, money transfer/payments, investment management and more. FinTech changes the market dynamics by focusing on emergent technologies that have the potential to provide a renewed experience to customers. This has resulted in the FinTech sector witnessing rapid growth.

This exponential growth; however, comes with its own set of challenges such as ability to scale up back-end operations to keep pace with business growth, increased regulatory scrutiny, exposure to financial fraud and cyber threats, and perceived lack of human touch in services.

WNS is uniquely positioned to not only address key imperatives such as cost optimization and process streamlining, but to take your organization to the next level of preparedness for market scalability. We unlock the competitive edge with our technology expertise, risk and compliance experience, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital transformation solutions:

  • Enhance customer experience by offering value-added services, optimize cost and ensure operational scalability while retaining the 'human touch'
  • Ensure robust risk management to enable early detection and prevention of financial fraud and cyber-crime while ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Deliver competitive advantage through AI-led transformation across processes
  • Leverage data analytics to enhance existing service offerings and create new business models

WNS designed an operational delivery model to help the client scale operations. The client’s efficiency increa..
WNS helped the client in streamlining their back-end fulfillment and customer operations resulting in high CSA..
WNS helped detect a potential fraud of GBP 100 million across financial institutions by an international crimi..
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Consumer Experience-centric Scalable Operating Model

  • Back-end fulfilment operations for functional components
  • Omni-channel, personalized customer experience by deploying our advanced yet cost-effective operating models

Risk and

  • Fraud detection and investigation
  • AML/KYC compliance
  • Embedded regulatory compliance and risk management
  • Effective reporting mechanism


  • RPA-led automation for manual, rule-based and repetitive tasks
  • Automated logical research
  • AI-driven digital customer engagement, advanced social media analytics, complaints management
  • Customer Analytics Suite (Loyalty, CSAT, Fraud, Compliance)
  • Self-service (Chatbot and E-mail bots)

Analytical Models
Enabling Informed Decision-making

  • Cognitive data analytics tool to enable data capture and contextualization
  • Social Media analytics and engagement platform
  • Reporting platform to enable data integration and dashboarding
  • Real-time analytics
  • Risk scoring


  • Establishing operations control and documentation
  • Process optimization through lean six sigma
  • Process standardization

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