In the past few years, global passenger air traffic has increased steadily. However, during the same time, revenue per passenger has declined significantly. To address this issue, airlines have been focusing on ancillary offerings such as seat upgrades, pre-reserved seat selection and lounge access. Although the industry share of ancillary revenue has increased as a result, several airlines are still at a nascent stage in their ‘ancillary journey.’

Airlines can considerably improve ancillary sales through contextual selling — by offering the right ancillary to the right shopper. WNS’ Ancillary Revenue Enhancement Engine is an analytics-driven recommendation system that helps airlines increase ancillary sales.

How it Works

Ancillary Revenue Enhancement Engine has a library of predictive models that uses customers’ travel profiles to predict the itineraries that are most likely to be associated with ancillary sales. During the booking, post-booking and check-in stages, the engine prompts or pushes the most relevant ancillary product to customers across multiple channels in real time, thereby increasing the sales conversion rate.

The engine:

  • Offers contextually relevant ancillary products in real time
  • Accelerates the sales of ancillary products
  • Enables creation of ancillary bundling and bundled pricing opportunities
  • Is powered by custom models that are deployed after building and validating several Machine Learning (ML) algorithms for best revenue lift results


WNS’ Ancillary Revenue Enhancement Engine can increase ancillary sales by ~40% for airlines

Key Features

  • Behavioral Profiling: Sophisticated ML algorithms are used to identify behavioral profiles that are exceedingly more likely to purchase ancillaries
  • Real-time / Sales Acceleration: Profiles are identified in real time when the booking is in progress
  • Custom Configuration: Multiple ML algorithms are built and tested to choose the best performing algorithm suited for the unique requirements of each airline
  • Omni-channel Embedded Solution: Application Program Interfaces connect to airlines / Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), web servers, inventory systems, reservation systems and departure control systems
  • Industry-wide Application: Can be deployed through Global Distribution Systems (GDS) for airlines, OTAs, travel management companies and offline agencies

Key Business Benefits

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