• 25 percent incremental savings through right-shoring strategies and technology-led compliance

  • Over 25 percent savings encompassing efficiency benefits as well as cost of compliance and non-compliance

  • Cost-savings through right-shoring strategies and 100 percent adherence to service-level agreements

  • Swift turnaround of a month to set up and scale compliance and back-office operations

How WNS FINSIBLE enabled a leading FinTech to scale its back-office operations swiftly & cost-effectively, and helped maintain its advantage over traditional banks


The Need to Scale Operations for Growth

As FinTechs continue to grow, they have to do a balancing act by simultaneously prioritizing regulations, cost savings, operational efficiency, and agility. However, managing growing back-office operations while continually focusing on innovation, faster go-to-market strategies, and entry into new markets can be challenging

WNS FINSIBLE is a modular suite of banking solutions designed to enable FinTechs to efficiently manage, streamline and scale operations. It is powered by a combination of domain, analytics, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML). WNS FINSIBLE helps FinTechs address their business imperatives of operational control and governance, cost optimization, Customer Experience (CX), regulatory compliance, and digital transformation.

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We Understand
Every Journey is Different

Therefore, we have designed WNS FINSIBLE to suit the operational maturity of a FinTech. Across each of the three stages in the growth journey, WNS FINSIBLE enables FinTechs to accomplish key activities, including:

Inception Stage: Designing of new processes, mapping of regulatory requirements, and establishment of risk management

Growth Stage: Operational transformation through automation, analytics, and performance management measures

Expansion Stage: Conformance to new regulations, operational adaptability and scalability, and next-level transformation through hyperautomation and analytics

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Key services covered under WNS FINSIBLE include:

  • Financial crime and compliance (customer screening, transaction monitoring, and fraud)
  • CX (sales, collection, and servicing)
  • Deposits and payments (account origination, account servicing, and payments)
  • Lending (origination, underwriting, and servicing)

It does the operational heavy-lifting for FinTechs through a combination of specialized services and solutions, including:

Advisory Services

Process standardization and documentation, quality assurance and process control framework, information security and cybersecurity controls, and management of information system (mis) and reporting

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WNS FINSIBLE combines flexible and scalable operating models with ‘operations-as-a-service’ strategies to efficiently manage financial processes. It enables FinTechs to achieve:

Rapid growth

through a customized program that helps operations keep pace with the growing customer demand

Enhanced CX

by applying advanced analytics, AI and ML across hyperpersonalized customer-facing processes

Robust financial crime

by leveraging a Center of Excellence (CoE) model that dynamically responds to evolving regulatory requirements and threats

Optimized costs

by reducing operational expenditure with the help of automation-led efficient operations, and flexible commercial models

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