The travel industry is waking up from a period of immense disruption and hibernation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. But even as the demand for travel returns, companies across the sector recognize they cannot return to business-as-usual. Due to factors like changing consumer habits, an evolving industry competitive landscape, and new technological developments, the companies that succeed will need to re-calibrate, re-organize and work smarter, and not just harder.

For many organizations, working smarter means accelerating their transition away from legacy ways of running their company and into a digital-first, data-driven way of doing business. The shift will help these companies leverage data to spot recovery trends and patterns, deliver outstanding customer experiences, prepare for future disruptions, and run more efficient and profitable businesses.

But what steps will travel brands need to take to implement this digital-first, data-driven future? Why are their old ways of doing business no longer sustainable? And what kind of results should they expect to see by embracing this philosophy?

In this webinar, Skift is joined by executives from WNS, Sabre Travel Solutions, and Internova Travel Group to explore how travel brands and operators can seize the opportunity presented by the Covid-19 recovery to accelerate their digital-transformation process.


  • Manoj Chacko, Business Unit Head – Travel & Leisure, WNS Global Services

  • Roshan Mendis, Chief Commercial Officer, Internova Travel Group

  • Gabe Rizzi, President, Internova Travel Group


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