Creating concise reports from complex medical records and documents is essential to clinical summarization, holding profound significance across healthcare and insurance industries. However, conventional manual summarization processes employed by organizations prove time-consuming and resource-intensive – exacerbating costs and impeding efficient decision-making.

Enter SKENSE, a groundbreaking solution that eliminates the need for laborious manual summarization by seamlessly blending Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) with domain expertise. Powered by extensive training on vast language learning models and proprietary technology, SKENSE has been meticulously curated by medical experts. It adeptly processes complex unstructured data and generates succinct summaries of medical records. In particular, SKENSE deftly extracts the most relevant and critical findings, diagnoses, treatment plans and patient histories, empowering healthcare providers and payers to access essential information with unprecedented speed and ease.

Fueled by Generative AI, SKENSE heralds a transformative shift in the medical industry's approach to handling vast amounts of clinical data – elevating efficiency, accuracy and patient care.

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