In this regard, gut microbiota forms a promising area for exploration. The gut microbiome has been linked to the development and perseverance of IBD. There is now emerging interest in treatments that positively impact the gut microbiome. This could be an effective approach to Crohn’s treatment and prevention.

Various pharmaceutical companies have already entered the market to investigate and develop treatments centered on a microbiome modulation strategy. While some, like Genentech, have taken their first step and entered a strategic collaboration to discover, develop and commercialize biomarkers, targets and medicines for IBD, other smaller companies already have novel assets, including microbiome modulators, in early clinical testing phases.

To address ongoing changes in the clinical, commercial and regulatory landscape, pharmaceutical companies must adopt a game plan that bolsters their operating models and opens up new avenues for exploration. An effective strategic collaboration is required with a domain specialist with expertise in competitive intelligence and clinical research support to fundamentally improve decision-making with sharp and forward-looking insights.

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