This is our story of co-creating a solution with a global retail chain


As we know…

Companies looking to sustain customer loyalty should drive meaningful engagement through personalized and compelling messages. This requires granular and pertinent customer segmentation based on a thorough understanding of changing personal preferences, purchasing behaviors and recent actions.

The challenge for the global retail chain was…

It was essential to drive hyper-personalized marketing promotions to shift from a product-centric marketing strategy to one based on customer preferences. This could be done only by analyzing customer behavior and purchasing patterns, and strategically segmenting existing customers. The company partnered with WNS to segment customers and lay the foundation for tailored campaigns and loyalty programs.

Here’s what we co-created as a solution…

It was important to have a holistic understanding of the attributes that defined the different customer types within the consumer base. WNS focused on the key metric of ‘total value delivered per customer’ across the entire segmentation exercise. Instead of relying solely on statistical methodologies, a hierarchical approach to segmentation was deployed incorporating the client’s desired business objectives at every stage of the exercise.

Through a highly iterative process, WNS strategically segmented the entire loyal customer base on the value they delivered to the client. Short and long-term strategic business goals specific to each segment enabled the client to derive greater value from them over time. Using an analytics model, WNS created an extensive ‘Playbook of Segments’ that provided the client:

  • 18 strategic and granular customer segment profiles

  • Primary and secondary business objectives

  • Marketing dos and don’ts for each segment

Our learnings and outcomes from the process of co-creation are…

That the Playbook of Segments helped in designing and implementing effective marketing calendars for each customer segment.

The solution enabled the client to:

  • Create well-defined, strategic customer segments that continue to serve as the cornerstone of targeted loyalty marketing programs

  • Better understand the customer base and significantly boost responsiveness to consumer preferences

The playbook continues to help the company measure incremental business revenue from each campaign, and analyze customer migration patterns across various segments.

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