As we know…

A strong digital footprint is critical to Online Travel Agencies (OTA) acquiring new customers through enhanced website traffic. This requires OTA to drive extensive outreach to create brand recall and customer loyalty and deliver seamless customer experiences using interactive omni-channel platforms.

The challenge for the OTA was…

Its decentralized operations resulted in high costs, customer dissatisfaction and complaints. Loss of revenue due to low sales further compounded the problem.

As a co-creation partner…

WNS leveraged TravConsult, the consulting pillar of WNS TRAVOGUE (WNS’ suite of services and solutions for the travel and hospitality industry), to develop a Global Business Services (GBS) model. We deployed 4500+ resources across India and the Philippines to consolidate a range of key services, including:

  • Finance and accounting – Airline Reporting Corporation (ARC) / Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP) settlement
  • Agency Debit Memo (ADM) research and dispute management
  • Customer service
  • Sales and reservations
  • Ticketing and scheduling
  • HR support
  • Mid and back-office operations
  • Fulfillment support

We integrated voice (inbound and outbound), e-mail, SMS, social media, chat, Global Distribution System (GDS) queues and back-office support. WNS set up multiple Centers of Excellence (CoE), nurturing Super Agents on multiple GDSs. We also introduced chat capability, revamped the relocation process, standardized ADM processes, and introduced desktop automation and call mapping. Digital adoption under TravConsult included:

  • Implementation of a workflow tool
  • Automation of ARC & BSP reconciliation
  • Deployment of WNS’ proprietary solutions — speech analytics, chat bot, and workflow allocation and monitoring
  • Use of robotics for involuntary schedule changes
  • Implementation of case and duplicate management tools
  • Use of real-time dashboarding

The solution added tremendous value to the OTA, which rose to become the #1 site. Other outcomes achieved include:

  • USD 11 Million increase in sales revenue and USD 16 Million in ancillary sales revenue
  • 55.2 percent improvement in sales conversion
  • 30 percent increase in average selling price
  • 85 percent first-call resolution
  • 47 percent improvement in net promoter score; 43 percent improvement in blended hotel

Specific to CSAT

  • USD 11 Million recovered through ADM research
  • 50 percent reduction in errors
  • 100 percent SLA delivery with zero customer complaints
  • 67 percent improvement in cases handled per hour


WNS is a leading Business Process Management partner to more than 400+ global businesses, including 100+ Travel & Hospitality companies. Our clients in the travel and hospitality industry trust WNS TRAVOGUE for designing and executing their data and digital led business transformation journeys.

Built on more than two decades of experience working with clients from Airlines, Hospitality, OTA and TMC segments, the WNS TRAVOGUE suite of offerings brings together the best of industry expertise, data-to-insights prowess and digital innovation.

Across the value chain, we enable our clients to deliver delightful customer experiences with TravXP, drive operational excellence with TravOps, accelerate revenue growth with TravRev, devise accounting and risk management strategies for financial control with TravControl, achieve inclusive and sustainable growth with TravGreen and outperform the competition with growth-led strategies powered by TravConsult.

To know more about WNS TRAVOGUE, read here.

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