Yorkshire Building Society wanted to inject agility and efficiency into its operations with digitization and process automation and lay the groundwork for transformation. The Yorkshire Building Society story shows how a deep understanding of business challenges must influence the choice of technology and the approach to transformation. A successful framework must be structured around the critical building blocks and leverage the interplay of technology with process, people and culture to create cumulative outcomes.

Here are a few takeaways from the case study:

  • Customer, and not technology, should be placed at the heart of digital transformation.

  • Business process re-engineering and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) must go hand in hand for greater outcomes.

  • Small step changes can become a force multiplier as processes are automated and the foundation for speed and agility is established.

Yorkshire Building Society’s Process Automation Manager, Jessica Lockwood, shares how WNS’ differentiated capabilities in automation helped the 150-year-old organization build digital operations and transform its CX.

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READ the detailed case study published in the Journal of Digital Banking.

Digitizing a Complex Financial Process Lends Crucial Support in High-volume Seasons for Yorkshire Building Society (YBS)

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