This is our story of re-engineering processes while laying a digital and analytical foundation for a leading publisher delivering information and insights for the legal industry.

As we know…

Rising costs, revenue fluctuations and fast-changing customer expectations are major challenges for traditional publishing companies. The onus is on firms to lower their operational expenditures and explore alternative publishing avenues for sustainability and growth. Digital interfaces and technological solutions can drive the necessary efficiency gains, business agility and access to new markets.

ALM ISG Standout

The challenge for ALM Media was…

To navigate its legacy systems and manual workflows weighing down operations and impacting budgets and performances across functions. Where technology was in use, it delayed publishing timelines due to manual interventions and third-party IT support.

Multiple manual Finance and Accounting (F&A) sub-processes led to errors in reconciliation and customer dissatisfaction. The use of different systems for subscribing to various publications added to the complexity. Moreover, whether placing a subscription order or booking space for an advertisement / notice, the customer experienced a lengthy, bureaucratic process.

The marketing teams needed a better understanding of the data inflows as well as targeted campaign strategies for successful lead generation to increase ALM’s subscription base.

With customers shifting to digital media, the company sought the digitalization of its content-related divisions and automation for support functions to improve margins and accelerate time-to-market.

WNS stepped in as a transformation partner to…

Co-create a hybrid, cost-effective solution by aligning our campaign management, digital and analytics expertise with the company’s needs.

We leveraged our Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) capabilities to analyze the as-is state and design the to-be process, co-creating lean and efficient operations.

Our solution encompassed the following:

  • Auto-publish platform: Our customized platform streamlined the publishing process, removed time lags and delivered high-quality output. It enabled the company to digitally publish select content, reducing time-to-print and removing all printing and distribution costs.

  • Targeted campaign management: Our data-centric approach towards e-mail and paid campaign management increased ALM’s web traffic, leads and revenue.

    • Data and analytics: We captured data from several hundred campaigns each month and analyzed key metrics. We leveraged the reports from these analyses to craft improved campaigns and increase the leads and revenue for our client’s marketing team.

    • Automation: Advanced algorithms and analytics-based scraping scripts accurately extracted data from campaigns, reducing the turnaround time for the B2B marketing team. The data was cleansed, analyzed and turned into revenue reports, which were shared at the CXO level for decision-making.

  • F&A automation: We set up a hyperautomation-enabled architecture for automated subscription order entry. We also introduced automation in the order-to-cash process (to improve cash application clearance on the first instance) while implementing various workflow management tools.

A Few Words from Our Client

“My company and I have been partners with WNS since 2015. We first engaged them as a way to control operational costs. But the relationship quickly became about much more than that, and has continued to be a key factor in our company’s transformation. When we started with WNS, we were a global business with regional offices that operated in silos. The experience of moving much of our back-office work, and some of our customer-facing work, to WNS forced us to change our processes and eventually systems. But knowing we had to make changes wasn’t enough.

WNS’ pragmatic and strategic approaches to documenting processes, training staff, and understanding our business goals allowed us to accelerate the transformation of our business. We were able to streamline, centralize, and standardize our work activities in a relatively short amount of time and created the foundation for a scalable platform on which we could expand current business and add new businesses. Throughout this transformation, WNS not only supported our staff working on the transformation, but helped us continue and succeed with legacy systems and processes so there was no interruption to our business. Their leadership team has repeatedly proven themselves to be accommodating and understanding of our business goals and needs, and has helped us achieve savings and hit key targets throughout our partnership with them. The team itself is reliable, professional, and continually demonstrates their willingness to go the extra mile to help our staff meet their deadlines and hit our long-term goals.”

Josh Gazes, Senior Vice President, Operations, ALM Media, LLC


The solution enabled the publisher to…

Achieve process standardization and business agility for its global operations. Streamlined and responsive services helped the company realize its strategic objectives while driving future-readiness. Meanwhile, the operational savings were earmarked for seizing new growth opportunities.

Some of the key benefits include:

  • 4-5 percent cost savings year-on-year through automation and BPR

  • Improved media production cycle times across publications, resulting in the addition of ~10 percent new work without additional Full-time Equivalents (FTE)

  • Increase in the subscription base after transitioning print into digital content

  • Removal of all printing and distribution related costs for the digitalized publications

  • Over 10 percent improvement in efficiency through automation

  • 99 percent reduction in turnaround time and 100 percent accuracy in B2B lead and revenue reporting

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