Barbra Sheridan McGann, Executive Vice President, Business Operations Research at HfS, attended WNS’ annual Influencer Day in New York City. In her post-event blog, Barbra mentions how for service providers, the willingness of a client to tell their story and serve as a reference is really the ‘Holy Grail’. At the event, five of WNS’ clients shared the dais with WNS’ leadership team and shared their experiences on their partnership journey till date. The clients’ emphasized on WNS’ focus on business outcomes, flexibility, and fast access to the right level of expertise to define and deliver the work.

Barbra appreciates WNS’ focus on developing industry-specific and operations capabilities. Among several other details, she also mentioned how WNS has stepped up its effort to better position and use automation and cloud-based platforms it develops on its own (such as RePAX and Verifare PlusSM for automated flight and fare management solutions in travel), through partnership (such as LIPD in insurance) or acquisitions (such as Value Edge Services for research support in pharma).

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