In this digital era of unparalleled convenience and heightened connectivity, retailers are actively seeking robust strategies for customer engagement and loyalty. The 11th edition of the CX Retail Exchange in London on July 11-12, 2023, brought together senior decision-makers from the industry to delve into ever-evolving customer needs and expectations.

WNS was a key sponsor of this exclusive event, which provided retail leaders with a wealth of knowledge through insightful presentations, interactive workshops and networking opportunities. While the central themes of reviving customer loyalty and conquering post-pandemic challenges resonated throughout the event, conversations among industry heads brought forth three pivotal takeaways, including:

  1. Building Personalized and Contextual Customer Journeys

    The pandemic has fundamentally changed the retail landscape, leading to a shift in consumer behavior at various levels. Retailers need data-driven insights into these changes to identify and meet buyers’ needs. Industry leaders at the event acknowledged the significant opportunities in successfully structuring and analyzing the vast influx of customer data.

    The key to gaining a 360-degree view of customers is augmenting human expertise with Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled platforms. This hybrid approach is already proving to be a game-changer in building effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs that enhance Customer Experience (CX) and loyalty. Meanwhile, the advent of Generative AI has opened up new possibilities that are at the heart of numerous CX strategy discussions.

  2. Re-visiting NPS and Customer Feedback

    In the competitive retail landscape, Net Promoter Score (NPS) plays a pivotal role in understanding customer feedback. Guiding policies that shape loyalty, foster brand advocacy and drive sustainable growth, NPS remains an indispensable metric for industry leaders. However, as industry veterans know, it is a common practice to influence ratings with freebies to customers. Therefore, the question that often plagues decision-makers is how to derive meaningful NPS measurements to capture true and nuanced customer feedback.

    Integrating AI into CX measurement, spanning the digital and physical realms, can provide invaluable insights, giving retailers a competitive edge. AI picks up on subtle nuances in language and tone, providing valuable cues to make informed decisions on product offerings.

  3. Crafting a Seamless Omni-channel Game

    Re-imagining the omni-channel experience has become vital for retailers to compete effectively with e-commerce giants. A Forrester study commissioned by WNS shows that retailers understand the importance of adaptability. As many as 78 percent of the respondents from the retail industry identified the need to accelerate responsive behavior to market changes as a top business priority. Discussions at the CX Retail Exchange highlighted the importance of building strong and integrated cross-channel shopping experiences, allowing customers to choose their points of contact. Minimizing friction and maximizing security to create a connected, digital-first journey will be essential for retail success.

There is no doubt that retail companies need new capabilities to navigate the evolving landscape and emerge stronger and more customer-centric in the post-pandemic era. The most significant wins will be crafted by combining digital and human strengths.

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