The shipping industry is taking small steps towards digitization to enhance commercial and operational activities, but many businesses are yet to get off the ground. While trying to launch digital initiatives, companies fail to adopt a strategic approach or evaluate their existing IT infrastructure. This results in costly and wasted efforts on catching up with digital trends.

Digitization requires a holistic approach. A clear vision, timelines and priorities can help companies pursue their digital agenda effectively. There are several measures organizations should take to maintain customer relationships and make operations more efficient while embarking on their digital journey:

  • Prior to launching a digital initiative, it’s a good idea to go back to the drawing board and ask three crucial questions: why, what and how

  • Companies should analyze existing data and infrastructure, and pace initiatives well to ensure a unified effort towards a common vision

  • Businesses should reassess all processes that touch customer experiences to seek opportunities for consolidation, and provide focused and enhanced services

  • Advanced analytics can help companies clean existing data and pursue their digital strategy

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