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Key Points
  • Consumer packaged goods and retail industries are facing disruptions in the demand and supply equilibrium. Sales & operations planning (S&OP) can help them accurately predict demand and supply. S&OP can be integrated through a four-step methodology:
    1. Assess the maturity levels of the S&OP process and implement changes
    2. Become cognizant of the hurdles in the effective implementation of an integrated S&OP process
    3. Revise standard beliefs and practices
    4. Implement new S&OP models and technology-service platforms

Integrating a sales and operations planning process to drive accuracy, efficiency, and agility into the supply chain

Driven by market volatility, retail and CPG companies are facing widespread disruptions in the demand-supply equilibrium. It is about time for them to put new Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) strategies in place to accurately predict demand and supply.

Integrating the S&OP function has emerged as a strategy that helps drive accuracy, efficiency and agility into the supply chain.

How can retail and CPG companies drive integration into their S&OP function? Read this WNS whitepaper to learn about the 4-step methodology that helps integrate and improve the S&OP function and achieve key business KPIs for retail and CPG industries


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