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Key Points
  • Banks and Financial Institutions (FIs) have been plagued by an inefficient organizational structure – resulting in duplication of work, unclear responsibilities, weakening underwriting, and increasing credit and reputational risk

  • There is an imminent need to invest in people, skill-mix and technology along with adjustments to the organizational structure to reduce complexity around credit fulfillment, client onboarding, and customer service function

  • A harmonized organizational structure with a clear frame of responsibility in a “Commercial Credit Function” is the key to success

The ever-changing and competitive banking environment has led to enterprises adopting new technology to deliver efficiency, curb costs and improve margins. However, to extract the best out of implemented systems or technologies, banks and FIs need to properly align people structures with new processes and procedures. The key question is – how do enterprises revamp and harmonize their commercial lending organizational structure to positively impact credit decision speed, cost containment, employee satisfaction, productivity and competitiveness? Watch the webcast to know more.


  • Sean V. Timms, Group Vice President, Loan Analysis, M&T Bank

  • Robert Zeller, Head of Banking Group Portfolio Management, KeyBank

  • Utpal Sengupta, Head of Commercial Lending Practice, WNS Global Services

  • Jim Ericson, Consultant, Editor Emeritus (Moderator)

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