Effective and timely distribution of fares is key to an airline's revenue generation. Given the competitive nature of the airline industry, carriers change fares frequently. To ensure fares and rules are correctly distributed onto an agent's terminal, airlines depend on Global Distribution Systems (GDS). Speed and accuracy is essential for constant updating of the fares and rules given its direct implication on an airline's revenue realization.

Our client is one of world's leading Global Distribution System for airlines, travel agents and airports.

The WNS Solution

Engagement with the client began with a ‘lift-and-shift’ of their fare filing process into WNS's Center of Excellence for Fare Filing located in India. The fare filing process encompassed delivering services for 14 airlines on our client's GDS solutions.

To optimize the fare filing process, WNS partnered with the client to modify the workflow. Some of the other initiatives undertaken to improve speed and accuracy of the fare filing process included

  • Robust and seamless transition – By leveraging its transition methodology – EnABLE – WNS ensured that the transition was seamless. This involved onshore training for the core-team, rigorous pre-process training for the offshore personnel, and detailed process documentation.

  • Building a high quality team – Recognizing that a quality delivery team is the foundation for successful delivery, WNS implemented structured training programs for its personnel. For example, training was delivered by trainers certified by the client. The efficacy of the training was monitored with trainees shadowing the trainer for a period of time.

  • Enriching the knowledge repository tool – WNS enriched the client's knowledge repository tool by developing exhaustive documentation on the processes, best practices and tools and made them easily accessible to the team through a help module on the Intranet.

Given the success of the program, the client has extended the WNS program to all of the over 450 airlines which use their GDS solutions. The fare filing process for all these airlines is now delivered by WNS.

Business Impact

WNS extended the client's enterprise by delivering a comprehensive fare filing solution to the client by consolidating and standardizing their fare filing process.

Benefits delivered by the WNS solution

  • Increased accuracy of fare filing from 88 percent to 94 percent within 24 months which resulted in significant reduction of debit memo payouts that were a result of data coding errors

  • Improved compliance of turnaround time for fare filing from 90 percent to 99.5 percent post transition to WNS

  • Increased the volume of filings by 157 percent in 3 years with only an 82 percent increase in resources. This achievement significantly surpassed the average productivity of experienced onshore analysts when the work was handled by the client onshore

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