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Travel and Leisure Analytics

Companies in the travel and leisure industries need to develop scalable and flexible delivery mechanisms to attract and retain customer loyalty. Consumer behavioral patterns / insights and channel preferences should be at the heart of all customer acquisition and retention strategies. Another key determinant is the timing and relevance of offers when reaching out to consumers, given the gamut of information channels available to consumers these days.

WNS’ wide-ranging marketing enablement solutions — end-to-end campaign management, database marketing and customer analytics — help travel and leisure clients make effective decisions across the value chain of their consumer decision pathway. We provide domain-based analytics support to our clients across the hotel, airline, online travel agency (OTA), resorts and cruise industries. Our analytics services also empower clients to develop a better understanding of their customers and provide insight-based business decision support.



Customer Analytics


Customer Acquisition Analytics

WNS’ Customer Acquisition Analytics solution helps travel and leisure companies identify potential customers who are most likely to purchase any product(s) / service(s), or are most likely to react to their campaigns, promotion and communication through segmentation, clustering and predictive analytics techniques. Our solution transforms data into actionable insights and helps clients across the travel industry to make faster, accurate decisions around customer acquisition, which improves profitability, reduces costs and increases bottom-line growth.


Retention Analytics

WNS’ retention analytics solution helps identify the factors, which are most likely to drive customer engagement with a product or service, and help retain profitable and loyal customers through targeted personalized offerings.


Cross-sell and Up-sell Analytics

We enable travel and leisure companies to obtain deeper insights about their customers' expectations and make intelligent recommendations by integrating data (structured / unstructured) such as customer data, contact center data and external data. Our analytics-driven customer strategy solution helps our clients in mapping the right products and services to existing customer segments, which are most likely to respond to cross-sell / up-sell propositions by deploying predictive analytics techniques such as look-alike models, response models and help clients improve revenue contribution from their existing customer base.


Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) Analytics

Our CLV analytics solution helps travel and leisure clients decide sales and marketing strategies by forecasting the expected revenue from new customers and identifying high-value and profitable customer segments. The solutions also helps identify customers who are most receptive to cross-selling and up-selling complementary products.


Database Marketing

WNS’ approach to customer loyalty analytics combines extensive database mining with superior analytical techniques. Our offerings enable clients to identify the factors that are driving conversion and loyalty for prioritizing marketing, sales and service investments.

Key services:

  • Campaign calendaring
  • Campaign strategy proposition
  • Customer analytics to suit campaign strategy and design
  • Campaign feasibility analysis
  • Campaign development
  • Campaign rollout
  • Campaign measurement and analysis
  • Campaign history and customer data management

WNS Direct Channel Shift Solution

WNS’ Direct Channel Shift is an outcome-based solution that enables hotels to cost-effectively chart out and execute their direct channel shift strategy. It leverages our domain-focused intellectual property, deep market understanding, and technology and analytics prowess to boost revenues and margins.

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Airline-focused Analytics


Commercial Intelligence

  • Market Intelligence
    • MIDT, PAXIS, ARC analysis
    • Monitoring key markets / O&Ds
  • Industry Research
    • Secondary research – UK-CAA, DOT-USA, IATA
    • Benchmark schedule KPIs with OALs
    • Revenue and customer analysis
  • Customer Relations
    • NPS tracking, consultancy
    • NPS / CR / CSAT survey analysis

Pricing and Revenue Management

  • Advance Booking Reporting
    • Dashboards on ABL
    • Market share analysis
  • Pricing, Fare Tracking, Reporting
    • Price leader or follower
    • Brand vs. price chart
    • Fare distribution strategies
  • Sales and Marketing
    • Revenue reports - regional
    • Variance against target
  • Post Flight Analysis
    • Stifle / spill
    • Load factor

Flight Operations Analytics

  • Schedule Analysis
    • Integrity / Competitiveness / Connectivity
  • Punctuality Analysis
    • Root cause analysis of delays
  • Block Time Analysis
    • Block time, ground time, MCT
    • Airport slot requirements planning
  • Fuel Management
    • Fuel usage dashboards
    • Carbon emissions
    • Economic fuel tankering

Scheduling and Networking

  • Airline KPIs, Route Profitability
    • Route KPIs generation
    • Profitability modelling
    • Dashboard for KPIs
    • Analysis of growth vs. contribution
    • Identification of key levers impacting profitability
  • Network Optimization
    • Network revenue
    • Profitability modelling
    • Strategic pricing
    • Yield optimization
  • Scheduling
    • Schedule KPI generation
    • Fleet utilization

WNS Advantage

  • Close to two decades of experience in the travel industry
  • Trusted service partner for more than 40 of the world’s leading travel and leisure firms, including 25+ airlines
  • A team of 6,000+ travel domain experts
  • Proprietary tools:
    • Verifare PlusSM (automated and comprehensive fare audit solution)
    • Digital CEM (Digital Customer Experience Management tool)
    • RePAX (automated, on-demand flight disruption management solution)
    • SmartProSM (automated pro-ration engine)
    • JADE (passenger revenue accounting system)

Awards & Recognitions


A ‘Leader’ in NelsonHall Marketing BPS NEAT Rankings for the Overall segment and for Marketing BPS Analytics 2015



We chose WNS because of their deep understanding of the travel industry, strong customer care capabilities, insightful customer analytics, and their global delivery footprint.

Steve Sickle, Senior Vice President for Distribution and Relationship Marketing at IHG