Telecom companies operate in a highly competitive landscape. They have to navigate the challenges of exploding network capacity, saturation in penetration, increasing complexity in devices, applications and services. Importantly, the emergence of disruptive digital players is compelling them to drive growth by developing new products, services and business models. It’s now imperative for telecom companies to partner with industry players to drive enhanced operational outcomes, especially in the areas of Finance and Accounting (F&A), and Human Resources (HR).

WNS’ one global back-office solutions deliver shared global self-service models and standardized business processes that enable our clients to optimize their capital and operating expenditure, and focus better on their network and IT infrastructure.

The WNS Advantage

Our one global back-office solutions improve efficiencies of our client’s core business processes to drive value beyond cost arbitrage and deliver measurable business outcomes.

Domain Expertise: With our extensive domain experience, we understand the unique challenges that our clients face and their complex requirements in each telecom segment — wireless voice and data, telephony, Digital Selective Calling (DSC), cable and broadband. Our end-to-end HR services are aligned to end-user needs and help telecom clients optimize their HR functions. Our F&A services support all functions of the CFO’s office, and transform and drive synergies among various business processes and entities with value-added tools and technologies.

Value-added Analytics: We embed analytics in all our back-office operations. We deploy market and prospect analysis, segmentation, revenue forecast, churn prediction, cross-sell / upsell, market-mix modelling, channel spend and ROI analysis to support our clients’ sales and marketing. Hot spot, billing and channel analytics enhance our clients’ billing and collection performance. Our rate plan and revenue management analytics ensure efficient network planning. Our data analytics help clients mine, manage, report and develop accurate data services.

"Over the last 2 years we have reduced the overall cost of delivering conveyancing by 15% whilst also improving service and growing 40% annually. Working with WNS to deliver our legal back office from India and Sri Lanka has been a key component in this success."
Ian Floyed

CEO, MyHomeMove

IDG 100 CIO Award 2016


Finance and Accounting Services

  • Procure-to-Pay (P2P)
  • Record-to-Report (R2R)
  • Record-to-Report (R2R)
  • Decision Support

Human Resource Management Services

  • Resourcing Services
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Workforce Administration
  • Workforce Administration
  • Payroll Administration

Sourcing and Procurement Services

  • Source-to-Contract
    • Spend Analytics and Opportunity Assessment
    • Strategic Sourcing and Category Management
    • Contract Management
  • Procure-to-Pay
    • Tactical and Transactional Procurement
    • Performance and Compliance Reporting
    • Accounts Payable
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