In a digitally connected world, transformation in media consumption patterns is spawning new business models as Media and Entertainment (M&E) companies look for innovative ways to maintain high engagement with the discerning digital user across channels. Organizations need to build omni-channel customer service capabilities to understand CRM data and integrate customer service centers with sales and marketing opportunities and technical support desks. Additionally, they need the right processes to optimize turnaround time and the capacity to offer multi-lingual services.

WNS’ next generation customer services enable (M&E) companies to deliver high customer satisfaction to the new-age consumer through improved processes and consolidated customer interactions at optimized costs.

The WNS Advantage

Our solutions deliver an integrated multi-channel customer experience through robust, round-the-clock support covering relationship management, collection, and customer acquisition and retention. Our multi-channel contact centers integrate expert professionals and the latest technology for streamlined customer interactions.

Domain Expertise: Our next generation customer service offerings are built on a rich domain expertise of working with leading global media players across all industry segments – publishing, music, studios and network, and gaming. We seamlessly integrate technology platforms, processes and industry knowledge to create superior customer experiences for our clients in process transformation or content monetization.

Analytical Insights: Embedded multi-channel, workforce and CRM analytics in our customer service solutions harness the data generated by our clients and provide the right insights to help them strengthen their customer relationships and outperform their competition.

State-of-the-art Customer Ineraction Centers: Our multi-channel customer interaction centers manage medium to high complex operations, where our expert teams handle unscripted and judgment-based interactions with industry-specific skills, tools and platforms. Through research and analytics-based insights we add business value to clients.

"Over the past 4 years, our relationship with WNS has become a real partnership. This allows us to explore new opportunities to support the development of our business."
Content Head

Leading UK Publisher and Provider of Solutions

APAC Customer Engagement Forum and Awards 2016 – ‘Gold Award’

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