No other industry has been more impacted by digitization than Media and Entertainment (M&E) companies. Digital brands, with their ability to deliver engaging multi-channel experience, are making enormous strides and drastically changing entire lines of business in the M&E industry. The sales of digital music have surpassed that of music on physical media, and online news subscription (both free and paid) is growing at a greater rate than that of newspapers. As new media becomes the growth platform of the future, media companies look to embrace the transformative power of digitization.

WNS’ digital operations solutions assist M&E companies to make the most of their assets by providing end-to-end services related to digital strategy, and delivering performance and cost optimization.

The WNS Advantage

Our digital operations solutions enable clients to effectively redesign processes and optimize supply chains to achieve significant improvements in operational performance. Our standardized and lean systems for production, editorial processes, and business support functions improve efficiency, adhere to meticulous quality standards and deliver significant cost savings.

Domain Expertise: Our extensive experience and expertise in the M&E domain enable us to offer services that can help companies compete and outperform in this ecosystem. Our industry-recognized consultants facilitate their transition to new operating processes and put in place digital-based strategies and lean systems to rapidly improve efficiencies and increase revenues.

Digital Operations CoE: The WNS digital operations Center of Excellence (CoE) is a unified integration of knowledge, people and skills. We develop and manage a consistent operating model across operations to bring transparency, improved processes and governance. From product operations to copy editing, proof-reading, content management, and creation and management of marketing collaterals, our CoE moves beyond siloed processes and scales up as one team across geographies, delivering performance excellence and cost optimization.

"WNS has operated as a valuable partner supporting our organization on streamlining and optimizing our business processes. The approach towards working on engagements is very structured, professional and results driven. Apart from being very collaborative and constructive, the team at WNS understand what they are doing on transformation programs. This has only helped all of us succeed towards realizing game-changing visions."
Suren Thadani

Chief Operating Officer, Inchcape Shipping Services Ltd.

CIO Award 2016

  • Product Operations
  • Marketing Collateral Creation / Management
  • Content Management
  • Copy Editing / Proof Reading
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