Manufacturing businesses are working towards greater agility, optimized processes and enhanced customer focus to meet dynamic market demands. Implementing controlled spend strategies and standardizing people, process and technology across lines of business are the two key levers for this goal. Adopting harmonized processes backed by standardized IT systems helps drive synergies and efficiency gains, while also enabling enterprise-wide visibility into costs. Shared back-office services can thus help manufacturers execute spend strategies in an informed manner, driving end-to-end cost optimization outcomes instead of tactical task adjustments.

WNS’ one global back office solution enables simplified, global shared services models for Finance and Accounting (F&A), Human Resources (HR), and indirect procurement that drive value beyond cost arbitrage and deliver measurable business outcomes. Our best-in-class global delivery centers assist manufacturers to reduce administrative spend by 30-40 percent, while our team brings in niche skills that deliver reduced cycle times and enable re-allocation of excess capacities. Effectively, manufacturers gain significant improvement in their cash flows, allowing them to fuel growth and transformation strategies.

The WNS Advantage

Our one global back office offerings bring the necessary scale and standardization to enable rapid transition and delivery of benefits. Backed by strong focus on industry, innovation and analytics, our offerings have garnered consistently high customer satisfaction from our global manufacturing clients.

Domain Expertise: WNS delivers end-to-end support to CFO offices of over 85 global clients in over 20 languages. Our end-to-end HR services experience spans 10+ years. Our scale and experience helps us deliver process excellence and drive ongoing improvement and optimization.

Innovation Focus: Our back-office services imbibe a clear focus on ongoing innovation aligned with our customers’ needs. Our proprietary programs to foster innovation and best practices sharing have led to thousands of ideas and best practices being generated by our agents annually.

Analytical Models: Our back-office teams include staff with core analytical capabilities who deliver business insights and decision support. Backed by custom analytical tools and models across domain analytics, data services as well as market research and social media analytics, our operations generate customized reports with tangible business outcomes.

"WNS had become an integral part in my former company to achieving our goals in diverse areas, hence when I initiated a global transformation process in Celebi, I re-connected with WNS to capitalize on their expertise and solution driven flexible business proposition.”
Onno C. P. Boots

Group CEO, Celebi Aviation Holding

Golden Peacock Innovation Management Award 2016

Finance & Accounting Services
  • Procure-to-Pay (P2P)
  • Record-to-Report (R2R)
  • Order-to-Cash (O2C)
  • Decision Support
Human Resource Management Services
  • Resourcing Services
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Workforce Administration
  • Talent Management
  • Payroll Administration
Sourcing and Procurement Services Source-to-Contract
  • Spend Analytics and Opportunity Assessment
  • Strategic Sourcing and Category Management
  • Contract Management
  • Tactical and Transactional Procurement
  • Performance and Compliance Reporting
  • Accounts Payable
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