Newer technologies are helping insurance companies transform business processes, increase efficiency and productivity. For example, leading insurers are using digitization for better administration. However, effective administration of claims and policies remains a challenge for insurers who have multiple legacy systems. Such companies require a centralized tracking system for policy administration requests and automated processes for data collation and reporting.

With WNS' iPAS-Integrated Policy Administration System - insurance companies can efficiently address the lifecycle management of insurance policies with enhanced control and transparency.

As an intelligent workflow management tool, WNS' iPAS is highly useful for companies with global operations, as it provides a single view of operations across multiple geographies.



Integrates with the insurer’s workflow system



Integrates seamlessly with legacy systems


Automates retrieval and updation of data with legacy systems



Automates data capture for report generation


Provides a unified view of operations across multiple geographies


Enables real-time distribution of work to manage high-transaction volumes


Key Benefits:

Real-time tracking of requests with interactive dashboards



Enhanced controls and transparency



Reduced operating risk



Increased operational efficiency


Efficient management of policy administration requests


A Leading Life Insurer Enhances Accuracy of Policy Administration to 100 Percent


The Business Objective:

A globally leading provider of life insurance set a business objective to enhance the accuracy of its policy administration system.

How WNS' iPAS Helped:

WNS deployed iPAS - its proprietary insurance policy administration system integrator, which seamlessly integrated with the client’s legacy systems. The tool tracked, monitored and reported policy administration activities in addition to providing the client with a unified 360 degree view of its new businesses.

Business Impact:

WNS' iPAS enabled the client to enhance the accuracy of its policy administration process.
WNS' iPAS also ensured:

  • 100 percent error-proofing through in-built validation checks

  • Efficiency enhancement by more than 25 percent

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