Efficient claims management is integral to customer satisfaction and loyalty. Therefore smart insurers focus on transforming their claims processes through automated claims administration solutions. They evolve over their traditional manual processes that could be error-prone.

WNS’ eAdjudicator that automates the end-to-end adjudication process of myriad claims is based on robotic process automation. It automates the matching of claim parameters against a rule library, and has built-in validation steps to ensure accurate processing, thereby increasing operational efficiencies.



Works as an independent and flexible platform



Bolt-on to legacy adjudication engines



Streamlines processes and automates workflows



Allows straight-through processing when needed


Automates the retrieval and updation of data with back-end systems or screens


Key Benefits:

Significant efficiency gains achieved without major system / IT upgrade



Accelerated, error-free claims processing


Rule-based automation reduces anomalies in human judgment


Reduced revenue leakage from inaccurate claims settlements



Reduced claims cycle time



Lower total cost of ownership



Highly scalable through parallel processing



Ability to integrate regulations to be 100% compliant



Ensures enhanced customer experience



Insurers Can Automate Claims Settlement Process with eAdjudicator


The Industry Challenge:

The claims settlement process for insurers is often severely affected by delays, revenue leakages and frauds, thus rendering it highly ineffective. One of our top Health Insurance clients faced a similar challenge.

How eAdjudicator Helps:

WNS’ eAdjudicator tool automates the adjudication process to help insurers expedite their claims settlement process, while reducing the possibility of revenue leakages and frauds.

This tool consists of a set of built-in rule-library based codes, for several complex scenarios, especially for exceptions.

Business Benefits:

eAdjudicator enables a client to automate its claims settlement process and derive the following benefits:

  • Improve productivity significantly. eAdjudicator ensured a potential productivity gain of 50 percent for one of our Health Insurance clients

  • Reduce revenue leakage by eliminating the possibility of erroneous processing through automation of manual processes

This is a Proof of Concept

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