Continued uncertainty within the economic environment and relentless changes in the regulatory requirements, have resulted in an even greater focus on Actuarial Reporting processes – in particular, the efficiency and effectiveness of the approaches used, methodologies adopted and the entire reporting architecture. Insurers today increasingly need to focus on and address some significant legacy issues including: multiple, outdated actuarial data systems / reporting platforms, heavy reliance on spreadsheets, lack of automation, redundant processes, and ambiguous roles & responsibilities within the organization. These pressures are creating unprecedented demand among insurers to implement up-to-date, advanced and efficient solutions to report their financial positions against the various reporting regimes. Moreover, new regulatory norms with increased supervision and governance are adding on to the actuarial complexities, leading to increased work volumes and further resource shortages.

This often requires a major overhaul of the existing reporting infrastructure, along with significant development of new skills and expertise. To effectively meet these stringent regulatory and reporting requirements / changes and achieve long-term transformational improvements, many insurers are looking to partner with third parties with a proven track record of delivery.

Over the past decade, WNS has leveraged in-depth knowledge, extensive experience and deep domain expertise in Actuarial Reporting to offer a wide range of services to many leading global insurers. Our expansive reporting capabilities have helped our insurance clients across the UK, Europe and the US, transform their reporting practices to address the reporting challenges and achieve operational and financial efficiency.

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WNS helped report SCR on standard formula and internal models along with regulatory benchmarking exercises

Our Services

(A) Actuarial Reporting Production
WNS has extensive experience of supporting actuarial reporting production for a number of our UK and US clients. In such engagements, we collaborate with the client’s onsite actuaries and work as their extended team to support their regular / periodic activities. This provides an opportunity for our clients to re-align their key, scarce resources to other critical / complex tasks.

Our analysts have hands-on experience in various actuarial software (such as Prophet, Moses, MG Alpha, VBA, etc.) on both deterministic and stochastic platforms.

Our services include – (For both Participating and Non-Participating Businesses):

  • Data Management (Production, Validaion and Analysis)
  • Assumptions Management (Assumption Setting, Validation and Controls)
  • Assets and Liabilities Cashflow Projection,Validations and Analysis
  • Result Analysis (Analysis of Change, Actual vs. Expected, Stress and Sensitivities)
  • Manual Adjustments and Provisions
  • Balance Sheet Production
  • Periodic Model Review, Validation and Regression Testing

(B) Regulatory / Stakeholder Reporting
With our wide reporting experience and expertise, we provide high-end technical support on various reporting metrics and business insights, driving key management actions; and help our clients maintain regulatory compliance.

Our in-depth and comprehensive analysis helps clients properly interpret the outputs and drive better-informed business decisions.

Our services include:

  • IFRS and Embeded Value Calculation
  • NB Reporting (APE, New Business Contribution, NBMI, etc.)
  • Business Planning and Capital Assessments
  • With Profit Management
  • Asset and Liability Management

(C) Economic Capital Reporting
Our comprehensive knowledge on economic capital reporting has helped our clients meet Solvency II directives through re-alignment and transformation of their existing reporting frameworks, in addition to assisting them calibrate and assess demographic, market, credit and other risks. We also have significant experience in developing Balance Sheet, Risk Margin and QRT templates.

Our team possesses significant, hands-on experience of working with a variety of internal model calculation kernels, such as Prophet, ALGO, S2EC, IGLOO, etc.

Our services include:

  • Risk Distribution and Loss Function Fitting
  • Technical Provision Calculation
  • SCR and MCR Calculations
  • Own Fund Calculations

(D) Transformation
With a proven track record and deep domain expertise, we offer transformation and integration support by partnering with our internal Technology team to help our clients meet their business objectives. Our Analysts have expertise in providing various project-based development services and have proved to be a very welcome alternative to expensive consultancy / contractor support for many clients.

Our team possesses significant, hands-on experience of working with a variety of internal model calculation kernels, such as Prophet, ALGO, S2EC, IGLOO, etc.

Our services include:

  • Process Re-Engineering and Optimization
  • Reporting Framework Integration after Merger and Acquisition (M&A)
  • Spreadsheet and VBA-based Model Development
  • Due Diligence and Process Mapping
  • Finance Reporting Control Framework Development and Documentation

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