Co-creating Future-readiness with Digital- & Analytics-led Solutions

Rapid digital advances are transforming traditional supply chains, helping navigate challenges posed by a globalized, complex and fragmented business environment, and drive superior end-customer experience at optimal costs.

Sales order management and after-market services are two key areas where organizations, across industries, are increasingly adopting digital to reduce manual intervention, improve efficiencies, and achieve enhanced customer loyalty and greater Average Revenue Per User (ARPU). This is especially relevant in the existing scenario, with organizations leaning towards touchless and self-serve-enabled order management, logistics administration and after-market services.

WNS offers digital-led end-to-end order management and after-market services. Our integrated order management portfolio enables seamless sales support and customer service, elevating experiences and augmenting revenues. We help clients to automate processes, thereby minimizing risks ranging across the order management and after-market landscape. Our analytics practice empowers our clients with a host of solutions and predictive models to guard against risks and take proactive decisions for business growth.


WNS established end-to-end global order fulfillment, logistics support and inside sales operations
WNS Implemented intelligent automation to unify access to multiple systems through an integrated interface
WNS optimized the end-to-end supply chain network using advanced analytics modeling & scenario analysis

WNS Solutions 

Our comprehensive suite of order management and after-market services encompasses touchless order management, automated deal pricing and quote creation, automated master data management, reports automation, product costing, inventory management, order management analytics, digital contract management and digital warranty management.

The key outcomes we drive include:

 20-30% improved cash flow through reduced order-to-bill cycle time

 Up to 50% reduction in cost of ownership

 Up to 40% improvement in order management and fulfillment effectiveness through enhanced accuracy, perfect order index, and on-time and in-full fulfillment

 3-5X payback on digital solutions


Order Management & Fulfillment

WNS’ services portfolio spans the sales order management value chain. Our solutions harness the power of digital and analytics to address specific business needs.

Customer Service:

  • Order inquiry helpdesk

  • Order fulfillment helpdesk

  • Order entry

Sales Support:

  • Quote creation

  • Deal pricing

  • Contract administration

  • Channel partner management

Order Management:

  • Order capture

  • Order modification

  • Order scheduling

  • Order validation

  • Order cancellation

  • Managing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) / Intermediate Document (IDoc) Failures

Costing & Inventory Management:

  • Stores ledger update

  • Standard costing

  • Variance analysis

  • Stock Transport Order (STO) reconciliation

  • Cost reporting

  • Inventory batch reconciliations

Logistics Administration:

  • Shipment creation

  • Pick, pack and ship support

  • Advance Shipping Notice (ASN)

  • Reverse logistics

Master Data Management (MDM):

  • Records creation

  • Records update

  • Records cleansing

Decision Support:

  • Demand planning

  • Predictive analytics

  • Anomaly detection

  • Management Information System (MIS) reporting


  • Process orchestration through case management

  • Workflow solutions

  • Automation through robotics and self-service

  • Service desk

After-market Services

Our digital and analytics-driven after-market solutions portfolio addresses key impact areas, such as warranty, service contract, customer care, field services and spare parts.

Customer Service:

  • Complaints

  • In / out of warranty verification

  • Service notification

  • Technical support helpdesk

Sales Support:

  • Customer satisfaction survey

  • Service quote creation

  • End-of-Service-Life (EOSL) management

  • Renewals

Service Contract Management:

  • Contract configuration

  • Entitlement creation

  • Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) billing

  • Disputes

  • Managed services

Warranty Management:

  • Warranty registration

  • Warranty claims processing

  • Extended warranty

  • Care pack management

  • Warranty disputes handling

  • Out-of-warranty service management

Field Service Management:

  • Create service orders

  • Allocate technician

  • Field support

  • Close work orders

  • Coordinate service billing

Channel Partner Management:

  • Partner on-boarding

  • Entitlement management

  • Partner allocation / monitoring

  • Channel partner support

Spare Parts:

  • Order management

  • Inventory management

  • Follow ups

  • Billing

  • Fulfillment


  • Case management

  • Workflow platform

  • Robotics

  • Service desk

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The WNS Advantage

Digital Transformation

We drive digital transformation though our proprietary and partner technology solutions. Our digital suite of solutions comprises Robotic Process Automation (RPA), chatbot, workflow orchestration, self-service, and Artificial Intelligence (AI)- / Machine Learning (ML)-powered analytics.

We have a dedicated suite of easy-to-deploy plug and play platform solutions. This includes a dedicated cloud-based order management platform that delivers touchless order fulfillment services; an integrated order-to-cash platform solution; and integrated cloud-based warranty management solution.


Embedded Analytics

Through our data ingestion expertise and our embedded analytics frameworks, we offer a suite of solutions which can not only reduce the cost per transactions but the overall cost of ownership. Our solutions enable quick decisions at both the strategic and tactical levels to effectively address customer requirements. We have a dedicated AI innovation lab that is focused on building enterprise-grade scalable and business outcome-based solutions.

Our analytics solutions comprise a self-serve data analytics platform that enables data harmonization, exploration, visualization and advanced analytics; an AI-enabled platform that automatically tracks and captures social media metrics; an advanced analytics and social media intelligence platform that helps transform customer service desk; and an analytics-powered solution to manage customer service processes.


Operational Expertise

We have a global talent pool of highly qualified sales-side supply chain experts who cater to various lines of business within the end-to-end cycle. We have extensive experience in order management and after-market services platforms and technologies.

Clients benefit from our in-depth knowledge of regulatory requirements and business nuances across multiple geographies and industries. Our operations excellence and quality teams are well-complemented by Lean-Six Sigma experts driving continuous improvements throughout the life cycle of the engagement.


Flexible Operating Model

We co-create digital solutions tailormade to customer requirements and execute the same through transaction-based, outcome-based and total cost of ownership-based flexible operating models.


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