The Transformational Leap to Next-gen Performance

As a vital end-to-end process in the finance function, expectations of Record-to-Report (R2R) have moved beyond cost reduction and increased efficiencies. Organizations are looking for insight-driven R2R outcomes, such as strategic financial planning and analysis, and regulatory reporting and compliance to deliver impactful performance and minimized exposure to risks.

WNS’ R2R services leverage deep understanding of the nuances of Finance and Accounting (F&A) requirements across industries, and technology and digital capabilities, to deliver judgment-intensive operations for organizations across the globe.


Service Offerings

Our skilled and expert Record-to-Analyze professionals act as strategic partners to global organizations to enable profitability planning, risk analysis, and financial and investment decision-making.

General Ledger Accounting

From day-to-day transactional accounting to period-end General Ledger (GL) closing, we enable businesses to create accurate financial statements with efficiency and speed — minimizing manual journal entries, slashing close cycle time, and enhancing the integrity of financial records. With BlackLine as our business partner, we transform R2R functions into digitized and future-ready units of end-to-end controllership.

Financial and Compliance Reporting

Our process design experts, with deep domain insights, enable organizations to keep pace with ever-changing statutory reporting requirements across multiple geographies — regulatory, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), tax or any other reporting mandates.

Enterprise Performance Management

Leveraging our consolidation, standardization and automation toolkit, we transform Financial Planning and Accounting (FPA) teams from efficient back-office functions to revenue-generating units that collate and analyze data, forecast outcomes and drive informed decisions.

Treasury Management

Our treasury management solutions support businesses in cash forecasting, working capital management, and in-house banking and cash pool to perform strategic and sensitive analysis of credit, liquidity and market risks. Built on the foundation of proactive planning, straight-through processing and efficient communication, our next-generation approach focuses on integrated data, systematic controls and automated processing.

Tax Operations

We leverage digital and emerging technologies to enhance organizations’ capabilities in strategic tax planning and filing — and their credibility in the eyes of regulatory authorities. Our services span the areas of tax accounting, payments processing, return filing support, and local compliance and reporting requirements.

Audit and Compliance

Through efficient automation and documentation, we ensure meticulous financial governance and regulatory compliance through the entire R2R process. Our services include audit planning, data gathering, risk identification and query resolution.

The WNS Advantage

End-to-End Operating Model

Our comprehensive R2A capabilities and robust networks maximize efficiency, centralize processes, optimize use of tools and technologies, and deliver highly mature automated solutions across global regions. Our lean Six Sigma and innovation-driven culture provide best-in-class delivery, and we deploy intelligent metrics to identify key levers of dependencies and process efficiencies – with strict compliance and governance models to minimize risks. Additionally, our versatile commercial models and scalable infrastructure maximize consolidation and business growth for clients.

Emerging Technologies

Our Business Process-as-a-Service (BPaaS) approach, Robotic Process Automation (RPA)- and Artificial Intelligence (AI)-led solutions improve accuracy and productivity at reduced costs. We achieve scalability through our flexible platforms and deploy high level of automation to maximize compliance.

Process Transformation

We transform R2A processes through our proprietary Outperforming CFO framework (OCF) to deliver extensive efficiency gains. OCF integrates investor analysts’ views, business readiness maturity and process maturity models.

Diverse R2A Digital Assets

WNS’ repository of digital assets creates intelligent, customized and flexible next-generation finance operations and processes to enable organizations to achieve faster and more accurate implementations.

BlackLine Finance Transformation SolutionBlackLine’s unified solution integrates account reconciliations, journal entries, task manager and variance analysis onto a single platform. Built specifically for F&A processes, it ensures consistent and ‘anywhere, anytime’ user experience.


GL Close Management ToolOur proprietary tool for GL close management integrates policy, process, technology and governance to enable clients to achieve ‘non-event’ and ‘zero surprise’ GL close cycles. Key features include tracking tasks across geographies and teams, meticulous audit trail, flexible hosting options, multiple user level roles, ease of navigation and a robust notification mechanism.


Account Reconciliation ToolWe have a proprietary tool for account reconciliations under the umbrella of WNS TRACTM, our consolidated suite of technology solutions. It leverages automation, analytics and intelligent rule-based workflows for real-time visibility on reconciliation status.


RPA Interventions                                We deploy RPA assets to automate preparation and posting of journal entries, account reconciliation and analysis of reports.                                                                                                  


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