Connected Quote-to-Sustain: Transformation for Sustainable Growth

Quote-to-Sustain, an industry-first offering, makes a paradigm shift from traditional finance and accounting boundaries. Powered by data, analytics and intelligent automation, this future-ready solution offers enterprises an integrated end-to-end solution for managing order fulfilment, billing and receivables. It also improves the customer experience by reducing multiple touchpoints and enabling seamless interactions. It enables CFOs to release working capital, minimize revenue loss and accelerate revenue recovery, reduce total cost of ownership and enhance customer retention.

Growth, stability and scalability of operations need to consistently cater to the continuously evolving digital consumer and marketplace demands. The traditional Order-to-Cash model has to evolve dramatically with an infusion of agility, and state-of-the-art digital empowerment. WNS’ Quote-to-Sustain (QtS) delivers agile and intelligent operating models anchored by our best-in-class solutions and capabilities. Powered by data and intelligent automation, this ‘business-and-technology-stack-as-a service’ is driven by our depth of knowledge of the Finance and Accounting (F&A) function across industries, and our strong digital, analytics and process expertise to deliver sustainable growth.


Service Offerings


Quote-to-Order provides business leaders real-time control and visibility with deep insights into customers through the integration of the following vital components:

  • Unified Master Data: Unified Master Data combines best-in-class practices with strong policies and procedures for efficient customer onboarding. It also provides scalability for customer growth and retention. Leveraging WNS’ Outperformance CFO (OCF) framework, data-driven analytics, event-based cleansing and a Center of Excellence (CoE) model, it acts as the single source of truth for all other connected processes.

  • Digital Contracts: Digital Contracts digitize workflows, and enable the archival and storage of contracts for effective control, compliance and speedier enforcement. A state-of-the-art digital contract platform powered by WNS AR TRAC, it efficiently manages diverse and dynamic changes of contractual requirements.

  • Cognitive Credit: By leveraging the WNS CFO TRAC platform, Cognitive Credit intelligently manages the dynamics of revenue risks with multiple data points in a volatile and dynamic regulatory landscape. It optimizes the levels of credit risks and revenue, balancing the pressures of cash flow, business liquidity and market liquidity.

  • Digital Orders: Digital Order uses the ‘first pass yield’ principles to execute the perfect order. Through a ‘digital cockpit,’ it digitizes the entire order management process with a single source of truth. Through a revenue forecast vs. revenue recognition model, it minimizes revenue leakages and reduces cost of operations.


Bill-to-Cash provides an integrated, accurate, scalable and agile invoicing solution to efficiently address challenging complexities that organizations face — such as omni-channel and multi-variate billing, tax compliance, pricing, quantity validation and multi-language formats. Leveraging WNS AR TRAC, it embeds best-in-class technology to provide scalable and agile solutions to seamlessly address the ever-growing complexities in billing.

Combining a thorough understanding of industries and processes with best-in-class technology, Bill-to-Cash digitally enables businesses to provide:

  • The flexibility to place orders from multiple channels and in multiple formats.

  • The ability to search, compare and decide based on catalogues.

  • Easy access to information based on customized preferences.

  • Push-and-pull strategies for efficient customer acquisition and retention.


Through powerful analytics-driven reports, Report-to-Sustain provides businesses insightful reports (predictive disputes and deductions, intelligent collections, and seamless cash applications) to move ahead for scalable, sustainable and future-ready strategies.

The WNS Advantage

End-to-End Process Automation Powered by AI

Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), WNS’ Connected Quote-to-Sustain automates the integration of multiple modules — credit management, collections management, deductions management, cash application management, and customer financials and payments.

Digital Acceleration of Trade Credit Approvals

Credit applications, trade reference checks, license verifications, scoring and auto-decisions, workflow-based approvals, signatures, and search and retrieval processes – all are intelligently digitized to accelerate trade credit approvals.

Transformation of Data to Strategic Insights

WNS’ Connected Quote-to-Sustain enables real-time consolidated view of data for accurate cash flow forecasting and customer payment predictions. It provides a clear understanding of revenue risks and opportunities for enhanced cash collections efficiency.

Maximized Efficiency of Collections

WNS’ Connected Quote-to-Sustain brings together a wide array of tools to enhance collection efficiency such as:

  • Collections, workbench and task lists

  • Strategy, collection notes and documents

  • Predictive collections scoring and Day Sale Outstanding (DSO) forecast

  • Automated correspondence generation

  • Goal and progress-against-goal data

Efficient Disputes and Deductions Management

Through efficient auto-creation of disputes, speedy escalation levels, insightful root cause analytics, and credit and debit auto-matching, WNS’ Connected Quote-to-Sustain creates a powerfully efficient workflow-based dispute resolution and management system.

Improved Cash App Efficiency

Leveraging intelligent automation, WNS’ Connected Quote-to-Sustain delivers the following to raise the cash app efficiency:

  • BAI2 Lock Box and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) integration

  • Seamless integrations with bank feeds such as automated clearing house, wires and checks

  • AI-based auto-matching of remittance, receipts and Accounts Receivable (AR), based on configurable rules

  • Identifying unmatched cash receipts, and sending matching receipts to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems

Enhanced Experience in Customer Payments

WNS’ Connected Quote-to-Sustain raises the experience of customers in payments to higher satisfaction levels through efficient and simplified touchpoints. It includes setting up of accounts, online customer invoice and payments, versatile payment options and integration with payment gateways, automated cash app efficiency, and simplified query and dispute management.

Technology-driven Excellence

WNS’ CFO TRACCo-created with leading global CFOs, WNS’ CFO TRAC is a unified and comprehensive suite of technology solutions that transform the finance function, establishes benchmarks for better governance and regulatory compliance, and creates impactful enterprise outcomes. It offers an end-to-end, cloud-based and mobile-friendly solution for financial planning, budgeting, operations and analytics. Underpinned by emerging technologies, intelligent automation, advanced analytics and process innovation frameworks, WNS’ CFO TRAC is available in Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) models.




WNS’ OCFWNS’ OCF transforms the finance function with future-ready agility across the entire value chain. Stepping beyond traditional benchmarks of financial outperformance, OCF enables enterprises to assess the impact of market disruptions, their capabilities to respond to them and readiness levels of technology adoption – for growth, leadership and competitive advantage.


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