Market estimates expect global e-commerce sales to touch USD 4 Trillion by 2020. For online retailers, the industry’s growth offers both opportunities and challenges. As customers become increasingly demanding and loyalties continue to be fickle, it is crucial to offer a highly engaging digital sales experience to boost sales conversions.

In 2016, around USD 4.6 Trillion worth of goods were abandoned in online shopping carts. Customers switch channels or brands, either due to the lack of complete information on the website or challenges with online transactions. Retailers have to ensure that pain points are eliminated while shopping online and customers are proactively supported in real time till sales are successfully closed.

Digital Customer Engagement Solution is a customized application, which does precisely this and much more!

How does the Digital Customer Engagement Solution Work?

The Digital Customer Engagement Solution uses a smart widget to fetch visitor information and drive a seamless do it yourself online experience. The widget uses advanced real-time algorithms and business rules to either make recommendations based on visitors’ actions or facilitate handoffs to customer service representatives for assistance through chat, call or e-mail. A reporting tool equips the customer service representative with in-depth information (pages visited, time spent on pages, scroll history) on visitors’ journeys on the website to drive personalized digital engagements.

This trigger increases the time spent by a customer on the website, reduces website dropout rates and enhances the probability of a sale.

Key Differentiators:

  • Strong use of domain knowledge for solution architecture, process rules and cross-journey personalization
  • Single-view solution since WNS provides both the technology and the service
  • Customizable rules and algorithms
  • Reporting and monitoring capabilities
  • Scheduler feature to run campaigns for customer segments identified through analytics

Key Benefits:

  • Online conversion lift by up to 20 percent
  • Up to 35 percent increase in Average Transaction Value
  • Reduced cart abandonment by 15-20 percent
  • Up to 25 percent reduction in cost-to-serve
  • Improved First Call resolution (FCR), Customer Experience Score (CES) and Net Promoter Score (NPS)

This highly mature digital engagement model offers online and offline support, domain-led design thinking for a smooth experience across channels, nurturing of prospects and long-term value, and loyalty drivers. With an end-to-end service that covers the entire customer journey, the Digital Customer Engagement Solution leverages cross journey personalization and analytics-driven customer insights to engage with elusive website visitors with a view to increase online conversion rates.

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