Achieve strategic mission objectives, service the diverse analytical needs of clients, and secure the desired outcomes of stakeholders through business intelligence and data warehousing

The volumes of data that organizations collect, manage and analyze is growing exponentially. It is obvious that with so much of data at their disposal, organizations are increasingly adopting Business Intelligence and Analytics (BI&A) solutions across functions and departments to fast track their decision making. However, despite their potential to create value for organizations, BI&A programs fail to yield desired outcomes. The principal reason of such failures is the fragmented and siloed approach towards the implementation of diverse BI&A programs across the organizational framework.

This ‘democratization’ of BI&A has led to a crisis of a corporate context as the BI systems are not integrated and are therefore not equipped to address critical ‘problem statements’ from a larger corporate perspective .

The demand for an agile, accessible and holistic organization-wide BI&A framework is leading organizations to explore a shared services model based on deploying Business Intelligence Centers of Excellence (BI CoE). A dedicated BI CoE will enable organizations to achieve strategic mission objectives, service the diverse analytical needs of an organization, and secure the outcomes, which business leaders and their stakeholders seek from BI&A investments.


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