Turning a After-sales Non-core Service into a Core for the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing companies are slowly beginning to realize that their core business alone may not satisfy bottom-line expectations, and that the time has come to expand what has so far been perceived to be the core. Their focus has to now go beyond just the sale of products they manufacture to incorporate after-sales service as a core component of their business strategy. This calls for an extension of their business model, and a re-modeling of the corporate culture and approach.

This white paper from WNS provides insights into how manufacturing companies can 'extend their enterprise' and outperform their competition through after-sales service excellence.

After-sales Service in the Manufacturing Industry

In the past three decades, only a handful of global manufacturing leaders have recognized the opportunities that after-sales service provides, and re-looked at the way their businesses are structured. Pioneers like GE have reaped the benefits through increased profits from after-sales services.


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