The Webinar discusses how you can efficiently manoeuvre out of the cash traps in your business and significantly improve upon key Order-to-Cash cycle metrics like DSO and working capital.

This is what the Webinar tells you

  • What are the typical cash traps in an organization?
  • What are the key challenges that businesses face in the O2C cycle, which lead to revenue leakages and dilution?
  • See how a Global Logistics Company is applying end-to-end thinking to O2C processes to reduce DSO by nine days and potentially ~11 US Million in working capital in one region.

See how Business Process Owners can bring ‘agility’ to O2C processes by using the following levers:

  • Streamline business processes to reduce disputes; manual errors towards reducing receivables and achieving ‘Best DSO’ days
  • Increase customer satisfaction by making O2C processes a nd systems more ‘pull’ and not ‘push’ oriented; provide customers and internal stakeholders with a single version of the truth through real-time reporting
  • Leverage next generation systems / technology architecture to provide insights and accurate predictability of customer payments / cash-flows and lower time and costs with straight through processing of your O2C cycle


Samir Singh, Head of Finance & Accounting Sales & Solutions, North America, WNS Global Services

Karen Rumble Needel, SVP - Sales, North America, WNS Global Services

Jagdish Talreja, Founder -

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