WNS Boosts Collaboration and Efficiency with MS SharePoint Foundation 2010

“The co-ordination effort involving 26 employees across 4 locations and our legal counsel, achieved the end-result in a record time of 29 days. We were the first company to close and file our Annual Report with the SEC in our accounting cycle.” - Kumar Subramaniam, Head- Corporate Finance, WNS

WNS (Holdings) Limited is a global business process outsourcing provider whose parent company is registered in Jersey in the Channel Islands with subsidiaries spread across 13 countries. WNS is registered with the New York Stock Exchange, and is therefore required to file with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on an annual basis as a statutory requisite.

The management was required to sequentially e-mail important documents from time-to-time as required by the SEC. Several departments had to collaborate to provide relevant, current and accurate statutory information, which proved to be a real challenge considering the complexity of multiple locations and time zones involved.

WNS deployed an efficient and effective solution to meet the above challenge through the implementation of Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010. As a result, WNS’s CFO and his team cut down the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing process from 75 days to a record 29 days, and also reduced the cost involved by a drastic 30 percent.


Mr. Alok Misra, Group CFO, WNS Holdings will share the team’s experience in improving business productivity; managing diverse content to facilitate decision-making; increasing security and meeting compliance and legal requirements.

Host- Microsoft

The Executive Circle Webcast is a series of Webcasts by Microsoft on various innovative topics. Join us to hear how the CFO and team innovatively used technology, and thereby helped save time and money at WNS, and truly created a ‘business without boundaries’.


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