Global sales reconciliation, airline document accounting, billing and settlement, cash flow management, revenue recovery, and audits — we were determined to let nothing slip in these areas which were our responsibility.

The safety of our employees was of paramount importance, and keeping this in mind, we cleared the decks for effective remote working. When the lock-downs began, desktops, laptops and Internet connections were provided to enable nearly 200 employees to work from their homes immediately. This was the minimum number of resources required to multi-task on various processes to keep the lights on for the airline group. Digital platforms and communication tools were deployed, and new security protocol and audit structures implemented to mitigate risks. A centralized command center comprehensively monitored the processes, end-to-end.

Within 48 hours, we achieved 100 percent recovery, and our operations were running in business-as-usual mode. We exceeded expectations by:

  • Improving cash flow — processing more than 99 percent of exceptions

  • Enabling revenue recovery — more than USD 2.5 Million per month

  • Improving revenue recognition through accurate accounting

Client-centricity is in our DNA. Our extensive domain experience in the airline industry, coupled with our analytics, digital and technology expertise, and process excellence, enable us to co-create business transformation and drive enhanced outcomes for our clients.

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