• Detailed standard operating procedures on information security, operational management, and quality and training were approved by the insurer to enable seamless Work-from-Home (WFH)

  • We provided accommodation for nearly 100 employees near our offices, along with food and health checks, to handle work in a business-as-usual environment, initially. Safety precautions were taken to ensure their well-being while also adhering to local government restrictions. We predicted the volumes across operations, and accordingly prioritized the work for these resources

  • More than 900 systems were configured and delivered to the homes of employees in record time

  • More than 60 percent of our workforce was operational on Day 1 of the lock-downs, and within 10 days, nearly 95 percent were working in the locations of our primary delivery centers

Our foresight and speed were crucial in anticipating disruptions in the countries where the insurer’s customers were present, and deploying timely WFH solutions to service them. This enabled the insurance company to continue its support to customers during a time of adversity.

This is the WNS can-do and will-do spirit — a true ‘skin-in-the-game partnership’ with our clients and employees. Together, we co-create digital-led solutions and services to help insurance companies stay ahead in the business disruption curve, improve competitive positioning and enhance end-customer experience.

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