Globally, airlines’ people-intensive mid- and back-office processes built on legacy systems are hindering the achievement of optimum operational efficiencies. Moreover, Global Distribution and Passenger Service Systems’ (GDSs / PSSs) legacy architectures are making it difficult for airlines to identify and work on PNRs based on business priorities. Demanding customers, high volumes of transactions, unpredictable volume fluctuations and last minute schedule changes add to the airlines’ pressures.

Qbay, WNS’ automated cloud-based queue distribution and workflow management platform, can help airlines overcome these hurdles. The fully automated and industry-recognized workflow management tool allows agents to monitor their own productivity, while supervisors can track end-to-end workflows in real time and automate workforce distribution.

Airlines can use Qbay to manage PNRs and queues from multiple reservation systems and get a real-time 360-degree view of operations across the network. The platform has custom-built 500+ algorithms to prioritize PNRs that can be allocated based on agents’ skillsets. Advanced historical and analytical reporting, process and team-level reporting can enable insight-led decision making.

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