Financial crime prevention teams are often bogged down by time-consuming and manual AML processes. This is particularly true with adverse media screening, which requires analysts to stay on top of torrential dataflows from innumerable news feeds, public watch lists and other online sources. Even experienced professionals struggle with the volume, complexity and changing nature of the information that must be regularly acquired, sorted and analyzed. Automation solutions addressing this issue have seen limited success owing to limited capabilities.

Employing Generative AI, WNS now forges a cutting-edge solution to transform adverse media screening. Combining the best of automation practices with new-age large language models, our solution meticulously gathers data from across websites and news sources, measures their relevance and potential impact, and generates a contextualized summary for each case created.

The entire loop of research, review and assessment comes full circle when an AML analyst uses the scores and summaries to judge individual cases for enhanced due diligence. By ensuring speedy delivery and credibility of information, and removing of human bias / error, WNS’ Generative AI powered solution elevates financial fraud prevention activities and reputation risk management for banks and financial institutions.

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