To that end, ISG evaluated more than 20 service providers on key criteria, based on their submissions, to determine their capabilities in Life and Retirement (L&R) and Property and Casualty (P&C) insurance BPO.

The ISG Provider Lens™ (IPL) report identifies WNS as a “Leader” in the Australian P&C insurance sector and a “Product Challenger” in the L&R sector. The IPL analysis calls out WNS’ longevity in the Australian insurance market, large workforce focused on the region, and clear evidence of value added to the Australian clients as its key differentiators in the P&C space. It also highlights how WNS is leveraging its strong global L&R solutions and capabilities for the Australian market.

Angus Macaskill, the report's lead analyst and author for Australia, believes WNS is well positioned to help clients drive significant outcomes across the L&R value chain because of its extensive experience, 50+ sector-specific solutions and comprehensive CX capabilities. The briefing note recognizes WNS’ advanced digital and analytics solutions and skilled talent too – in helping insurers migrate from costly and unwieldy legacy systems to modern architectures that better support organizational agility and superior CX.

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