WNS’ industry-specific O2C solution, Quote-to-Sustain, has been an industry game-changer, seamlessly integrating upstream and downstream processes to create an end-to-end revenue cycle supported by hyperautomation. These solutions deliver positive outcomes in airline revenue recovery, claims processing for insurance, order management for manufacturing, retail and CPG, and more. WNS’ suite of proprietary solutions, including CollecTRAC, a plug-and-play solution that leverages AI to improve aging debt, reduce TAT on customer disputes and respond to customer queries, have been highlighted as strengths.

Its co-creation labs that have become hubs for collaborative idea generation with clients around customer challenges, creation of solutions that the industry needs and experiments with strategic partners have also enabled the company to consolidate its position.

WNS’ end-to-end R2R services leverage advanced analytics, digital capabilities and frameworks in various areas — general ledger accounting, day-to-day accounting and general ledger maintenance. These solutions enable organizations to streamline financial closures and drive automation and efficiency. ISG highlights WNS’ continued excellence in empowering organizations with R2R services, leveraging its finance expertise and advanced analytics. Through technology-driven optimization and comprehensive compliance, WNS drives faster closes, process efficiency and seamless accounting.

WNS drives digital transformation in FP&A processes by providing self-service dynamic dashboards, real-time reports and insights. ISG highlights WNS’ key investments, such as CFO advisory services and FIAB, for driving overall business growth for clients.

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