When COVID-19 travel restrictions led to mass flight cancellations, thousands of worried travelers turned for clarity to our client, a leading North American Online Travel Agency (OTA). Changes, cancellations and refund requests flooded the company’s systems even as global lock-downs were clamped.

As the OTA’s strategic and trusted partner, WNS swiftly and proactively moved to take ownership of multiple operations — reservations, sales, customer service, fulfilment, relocations and assisted digital channels. Simultaneously, across our delivery centers, we ensured that all our employees were absolutely safe. Our employee engagement strategies gave them the confidence to give their best to deliver the following outcomes:

Nearly 100 percent login efficiency — through movement of 1600+ desktops for remote and
Accommodation was arranged for more than 700 employees at one of our delivery centers to enable them to work from the office, while st
Positive business impact measured — due to the right performance management systems put in place
We quickly activated our in-house Work-at-Home Agent (WAHA) framework

Domain knowledge, agile thinking, process excellence and digital prowess came together as we enabled the OTA to create exceptional customer experience. Together, we are now rebooting for a new normal, leveraging digital expertise.

This is what we are known for. We enable travel companies to align their processes with new market realities, and harness digital technologies to drive enhanced customer experience. Our analytical capabilities, state-of-the-art technologies and operational excellence enable businesses to increase their process efficiency, and improve decision-making and customer experience.

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