One of the leading Middle East carriers needed support for implementing a new Passenger Revenue Accounting (PRA) system. One of the leading global IT solutions providers for the travel and tourism industry, which was implementing the new PRA system for the airline, required a system analysis to align the system to the airline's business needs.

As the world's leading travel BPM player, WNS stepped in to provide the airline greater visibility and benefits of having a 'real-time PRA system'. WNS delivered significant process efficiency, savings and enhanced the efficacy of the PRA platform.

The Client

One of the leading Middle East airline companies and one of the leading global IT solutions providers for the travel and tourism industry.

The Challenge

One of the leading Middle East airlines wanted to migrate from its existing Passenger Revenue Accounting (PRA) system, which was being handled by an offshore provider, to a new PRA system with optimal, leaner and highly efficient automation. It was looking for support on business analysis, business process demand evaluation, system implementation and resource strategy development to address concerns such as rising costs and resource allocation.

One of the leading global IT solutions providers for the travel and tourism industry had launched a next generation Passenger Revenue Accounting (PRA) system for the Middle East airline. The IT solutions provider was looking for expert support on systems analysis for the new PRA launch.

The WNS Solution

Both, the airline and the IT provider liaised with WNS, the only player in the travel outsourcing space with operational expertise in different types of revenue accounting platforms such as SIRAX, IMPALA, AirVision, RAPID, SITA RPA and OPAL, besides its own proprietary platform, JADE.

Key features of WNS' solution are summarized below:

WNS' engagement with the airline involved:

Business strategy analysis
As a domain consultant, WNS leveraged its expertise in business and functional analysis and recommended the following:

  • Resource planning and strategy vis-à-vis efficiency gains for the airline

  • Policy and procedure support

Software and platform implementation

  • Knowledge transfer and training support to the airline's resources, detailed process documentation, ensuring system compliance to all industry and airline business practices, and training of airline personnel

WNS' engagement with the IT provider involved:
As a system consultant, WNS evaluated the existing process landscape and recommended the following optimal process design:

Platform and system consulting

  • Assessment of the new PRA functionality from critical real-world process gaps during development and implementation, end-to-end knowledge based on accounting and operational services for successful implementation of the new PRA, and development of proof-of-concept on efficiency gains

Software and platform implementation

  • Validation of the new PRA system functionality to deliver end-to-end revenue accounting and aligning the new PRA system with the revenue accounting requirements of the airline

  • Development of resource structure, ensuring on-time execution of project toll gates, and implementation and training support for the airline

Benefits Delivered

At the end of the consulting assignment, WNS delivered a number of benefits to both the clients.

Benefits to the airline

  • Smooth transition from the airline's previous revenue accounting process to the new system

  • Visibility of the future state of a 'real-time PRA system' and its potential benefits vis-à-vis other platforms

  • Achievement of the airline's insourcing objective mandated by the country's government, and

  • Right-sizing of the organization structure for passenger revenue accounting processing

Benefits to the IT provider

  • Enhancement of the PRA platform and its successful launch on the airline's website

WNS in Travel & Leisure and Passenger Revenue Accounting

Founded as a British Airways captive back-office in 1996, WNS today is the world's largest travel Business Process Management (BPM) company. We are a leading revenue accounting specialist and have been serving the travel and hospitality sector for over 16 years, designing, deploying and managing solutions for more than 15 international airlines across the globe.

We have the distinction of delivering services on different platforms provided by our clients or third-party vendors. Our Passenger Revenue Accounting (PRA) service extends beyond transaction processing and allows customers the option of extended revenue accounting and financial accounting services.

The key highlights of our capabilities in revenue accounting include:

  • Strategic partnership with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) for revenue accounting

  • Proprietary Platforms / Systems: JADE, Verifare PlusSM and SmartProSM

  • A Center of Excellence (CoE) for PRA services, end-toend service with close to two decades of experience

  • Applications / Platforms used: JADE, SIRAX, IMPALA, AirVision, RAPID, SITA RPA, and legacy platforms namely OPAL and PRAS

  • Strong management team, robust quality services and quality assurance processes in the delivery model

  • Deliver revenue accounting solutions and change management process in both outsourced and fully managed service models

  • Flexible pricing model: Unit transaction pricing / full-time equivalent

Our service offerings extend across the entire revenue accounting value chain, including consulting services and re-engineering solutions as per best practices; sales operations; interline revenue recovery; coupon management, refunds, fare audit, miscellaneous AR, credit card collections and accounting reconciliations.

Within Finance & Accounting, WNS is a well-established global BPM leader processing 20 million invoices worth over USD 100 Billion, managing 65 million collection calls spanning 5 continents and managing Forex netting and settlements worth USD 200 Million dailytitute of Management Accountants (CIMA).

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