The Client's Challenge

A leading global consumer goods manufacturer looked to grow its consumer base by activating its brand's non-users. The challenge was to identify and, more importantly, convert the right nonuser segment into brand users to yield maximum incremental sales. The client chose to partner with WNS' Analytics practice to develop a consumer analysis framework that would identify the most attractive non-user segments for customized sales promotions and marketing campaigns.

The WNS Solution

WNS designed a personalized consumer analysis framework that effectively segmented and ranked multiple heterogeneous groups of the brand's non-users to determine potentially attractive user segments.

The key steps in building the framework included:

  • Step 1: A large-scale consumer survey data set (U&A Studies) was executed specific to the user category

  • Step 2: Deploying 'Factor Analysis', the exhaustive list of needs was then consolidated into broad themes specific to the brand non-user data set

  • Step 3: Non-users were accordingly clustered into meaningful and distinctive segments

  • Step 4: Further, a comprehensive profiling of each segment based on demography, needs, usage, purchase and existing brand sentiments was undertaken

  • Step 5: Finally, a 'Priority Analysis' ranked each segment against multiple parameters (including price, price sensitivity, need gaps and brand affinity and sentiments) to bucket them into three categories of 'Most Attractive', 'Attractive' and 'Least Attractive’

The Outcome

The CPG major was able to incisively define and segment non-users as potential customers. The analysis framework and customized sharp actionable insights enabled the client to draw out effective sales strategies, including personalized advertising and promotional campaigns. This framework was successfully deployed across multiple product categories. The CPG major continues to see sustained expansion in its consumer base and top- line revenues.

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