This is our story of improving customer engagement and operational efficiencies for a global tech major. Leveraging the synergy of agile methodologies and design thinking, we co-created a bespoke, automated communications tool.

As we know…

In the broader scheme of sales strategies, e-mail offers companies a cost-effective and measurable way to engage with customers and increase brand awareness. However, manual and non-standardized e-mail processes lead to inefficiencies and errors. Poorly composed messages that lack personalization and precision can impede effective communication – resulting in low engagement, trust erosion and a shrinking consumer base.

Integrating an enterprise’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) interface with a bespoke messaging service powered by intelligent automation can be an efficient solution. The platform can also be leveraged to analyze past customer behaviors and preferences to provide accurate insights for personalized messaging.

The challenge for a global technology giant was…

Navigating a manual e-mail process in advertisement sales, a key line of business. This manual process led to many defects, negatively impacting customer experience.

Errors accounted for approximately 11 percent of the messages, including missed salutations and links, content requiring proper formatting, and incorrect company names and e-mail addresses. Additionally, agents were preoccupied with validating template changes rather than focusing on customer engagement.

A Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) revealed a failure rate of 50 percent for failure modes above a Risk Priority Number (RPN) of 100, indicating heightened risk and criticality. The company sought targeted customer experience automation to resolve these issues.

As a digitization and transformation partner…

WNS designed and implemented a customized customer engagement automation solution for the end-to-end e-mail communication process.

We formed a cross-functional team, combining operations, quality, technology, training and compliance expertise. Leveraging agile methodologies and the Scrum framework, this team developed a comprehensive digital solution within the client's ecosystem, negating the need for third-party tools or external solutions.

The team adopted a consultative and collaborative approach, providing iterative development cycles and continuous feedback to enhance functionalities. Key solution components included:

  • Automated E-mail Composition

    Automating the composition of personalized e-mail responses, ensuring efficiency and accuracy

  • Intuitive User Experience

    Establishing robust design thinking practices for improved user experience on the platform

  • Reliable Frameworks

    Setting up prototypes and standardized e-mail templates / formats for efficient communication

  • Unified Systems

    Integrating the solution with the client’s e-mail interface for seamless communication

  • Feedback Mechanism

    Capturing e-mail instances for analysis and insights

  • Quality Assurance

    Setting business-relevant parameters, post-analysis, for improved turnaround, quality and compliance

  • User Rating

    Interviewing end-users and collecting feedback on a regular loop to ensure user acceptance


Harnessing the power of customized automation…

Our client was able to drive intelligent customer engagement. Eliminating errors helped the company address a critical operational risk and improved the precision and reliability of its processes. Moreover, the solution enabled the agents to prioritize customer engagement over mundane tasks. Tangible benefits included



elimination of defects, improving customer experience




decrease in failure modes with an RPN above 100, resulting in controlled processes




improvement in e-mail dispatch efficiency



increase in conversion rate



increase in Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score

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