Technological advances and changing customer behaviours have compelled organizations to build a strong digital presence with solid front-end and back-end support – to streamline workflows, ensure security and safety, and deliver better experiences.

WNS combines 12+ years of deep domain expertise with leading-edge technologies to enable a well-integrated front-end and back-end. Leveraging proprietary digital solutions, we power key outcomes for clients such as improved process control and efficiency, revenue uptick, superior customer experience and enhanced compliance and safety.

  • 2000+FTEs serving
    15+ Clients

  • 20%Lead Conversion Rate

  • 30%+Faster Revenue

  • 99% Fraud Assessment Accuracy

  • 100K+Documents Labeled / Day



WNS Hi-Tech Firms Revenue Operations

Revenue Operations

  • Lead Generation and Scrubbing
  • Upper Funnel Management
  • Ad Sales
  • Digital and Print Ad Operations
  • Campaign Management
  • Agency and Partner Support
WNS Hi-Tech Firms Trust and Safety

Trust and Safety

  • Transaction Monitoring
  • Vendor Due Diligence
  • Customer Due Diligence
  • Know Your Customer (KYC) Checks
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Checks
  • Document Verification
WNS Hi-Tech Firms Annotation Solutions

Annotation Solutions

  • Text Annotation
  • Image Annotation
  • Data Labeling
  • Exception Management
  • Voice Annotation
  • Video Annotation
WNS Hi-Tech Firms Content Moderation Services

Content Moderation

  • Flagging and Removal of Misleading and False Content
  • Spam Reporting
  • IP Infringement
  • Ad Monitoring and Review
WNS Hi-Tech Firms Support Services

Other Support Services

  • Customer Lifecycle Management
  • Procurement Operations
  • Finance and Accounting Operations
  • Human Capital Management
  • Technical Support
  • Decision Support
  • Process Consulting

WNS Advantage

Domain Expertise

WNS’ domain specialists have extensive experience in serving leading q-commerce, reg-techs, prop-techs, ride-share firms, food and delivery platform aggregators. Our transformation specialists and consultants collaborate to provide end-to-end process optimization including upstream and downstream functions.

Digital Accelerators

Our proprietary solutions such as WNS SKENSE, WNS EXPIRIUS and SocioSEERTM help enable faster end-to-end digital transformation across the organization. Through deeper analysis, more accurate delivery and higher efficiency, our advanced automation, AI and analytics-based tools and platforms significantly drive down costs and enhance decision-making.

Customized and Flexible Engagement Models

We offer dedicated and shared resourcing options, providing accelerated setup timelines and ability to absorb market unpredictability. Innovative commercial constructs – fixed fee, transaction based or outcome based – ensure flexibility and cost effectiveness. We bring in deep domain expertise, providing business and process consulting, industry best practices and opportunities for process excellence.