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Hi-Tech and Professional Services

Hi-Tech & Professional Services Analytics

Technology innovations and constantly evolving consumer behavior are opening up growth opportunities for Hi-Tech firms such as internet and social media companies, loyalty program providers, consumer SaaS-based platforms including leading global online delivery marketplaces and digital content and broadcasting firms.

Our hi-tech analytics and professional services analytics capabilities and solutions around data-driven transformation, AI-led digitization, MLOps frameworks, and strong focus on consumer insights enable these companies to develop a better understanding of their customers and also provides insight-based business decision support.




Campaign Analytics and Operations

  • Campaign strategy design
  • Campaign build, creatives and content management, campaign execution
  • Omni-channel member support and integrated analytics
  • Campaign analytics (pre-campaign analytics – targeting, post-campaign analytics)

Strategy Enablement and Transformation

  • Hyper-personalization engine
  • Digital intent analytics (CDP)
  • Single view of customer implementation

Business Intelligence Reporting, Design and Implementation

  • Automation of existing reports into interactive self-serve analytics reports / dashboards

Data Engineering / ETL Operations

  • 24*7 ETL monitoring
  • Data discovery and anomaly detection
  • Data enrichment and cleaning
  • Data loading
  • DBMS management

Data Digitization at Scale

  • Document generation and management
  • Control and audit

WNS Advantage

WNS is one of the leading providers of analytics services to the HPS industry. Our customer-centric approach, deep domain expertise, global delivery network and strong focus on operational excellence, along with innovative analytics solutions, enable HPS clients to drive outperformance in their businesses.

  • More than 16 years of consulting and professional services experience

  • 1000+ analysts supporting more than 10 global clients

  • End-to-end loyalty and campaign management solutions

  • Extensive experience in setting up virtual captives with multiple Centers of Excellence (CoE)


"Transparent communication, leading to high level of trust. WNS team doesn't shy away from communicating issues and developments proactively"

Analytics Head, A global customer data science company

“Our Team loves the data they work in and understands our commitment to our customers. They put a high level of commitment to ensure deliverables are met”

Director - Analytics, A US-based retail data science company

“The progress that this team has made over the last 3 years is fantastic. The team allows us to work more efficiently as an organization. The team does a great job of fixing problems when they arise”

Director - IT, A US-based retail data science company