John Willmott, the CEO of NelsonHall, the leading Outsourcing Research and Analysis firm, recently attended WNS’ Influencer Day in New York.

In his blog following the session, he has made several sharp observations with regards to WNS’ approach to the market. This includes WNS’ revised location strategy which enables it to combine the cost benefits of labor arbitrage with those of technology. John trusts that this dual approach will assist WNS in providing greater price-competitiveness to its clients.

He highlights WNS’ investments in digital frameworks, artificial intelligence (AI) models, automation and analytics within a strong domain-centric framework, which is its key differentiator. He also mentions how WNS is enhancing its technology through domain-specific platforms and BPaaS offerings, and people capabilities with the aim of assisting organizations in implementing next generation digital business models.

To read the entire blog Click Here.

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