Envision this scenario: Within the bustling confines of an airline customer service center, passengers express their concerns, ranging from refunds and reservations to erroneous charges. Travel advisors diligently work to unravel the complexities of airline policies and procedures. However, they find themselves navigating through an extensive sea of information to locate the pertinent details.

Enter Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI). Picture a knowledgeable advisor equipped with Gen AI adeptly navigating the intricacies of complex policy documents, swiftly providing accurate answers to customer inquiries. What was once a daunting task has now become seamless, showcasing the immense value Gen AI brings to Customer Experience Management (CXM).

To gain insights into how enterprises are leveraging Gen AI in CXM, Everest Group, supported by WNS, conducted a global survey involving CXM, digital transformation and innovation leaders from 200 companies across North America, the UK, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Here are five key insights from the survey:

  1. Awareness of Gen AI Applications: Within the realm of Gen AI applications, text, image and code generation capabilities stand out as the most widely recognized. A significant 75 percent of surveyed enterprises demonstrate a keen understanding of Gen AI's text generation capabilities, with code and image generation following closely at 62 and 52 percent, respectively.
  2. Key Drivers of Gen AI Adoption: The impetus behind the adoption of Gen AI is multi-faceted, with 55 percent of enterprises seeking to elevate customer satisfaction through tailored and personalized interactions. Furthermore, Gen AI proves instrumental in bolstering efficiency within CXM operations. An impressive 80 percent of enterprises express confidence that integrating Gen AI applications into CXM will yield improvements in operational efficiency and customer satisfaction scores. Additionally, 70 percent believe in Gen AI's potential to drive cost reductions.
  3. Planned Deployment Areas: A robust 75 percent of surveyed enterprises are actively piloting, deploying or scaling up solutions harnessing text generation capabilities. 60 percent have initiated pilot programs or implemented solutions leveraging code generation capabilities. Moreover, businesses are tactically deploying Gen AI across diverse areas within CXM operations, including internal IT helpdesk, internal HR support, and data and analytics, to name a few.
  4. Planned Investments: Enterprises exhibit strategic foresight in their investments in Gen AI initiatives, involving themselves in pilot projects and prioritizing workforce upskilling. Notably, 24 percent of enterprises have earmarked Gen AI investments ranging from USD 1-5 Million in the next 12-18 months, while 16 percent plan investments exceeding USD 10 Million.
  5. Role of Strategic Partners: The pivotal role of strategic partners in facilitating and supporting Gen AI initiatives cannot be overstated. 62 percent of enterprises plan to collaborate with partners in building Gen AI solutions and enhancing technical capabilities, with 60 percent intending to leverage third-party support for the seamless integration of Gen AI solutions with existing technologies.

The transformative impact of Gen AI on CXM is undeniable. As evidenced by the survey insights, enterprises are on the cusp of a disruptive transformation in customer experience. They are not merely dipping their toes into the Gen AI waters; they are actively piloting, deploying and scaling up solutions that leverage its capabilities across various CXM operations. However, as enterprises embark on this transformative journey, organizational readiness to embrace the full potential of Gen AI becomes imperative.

Delve deeper into the survey findings by downloading the full report, "Generative AI in CXM: Assessing Enterprise Readiness for this Disruptive Transformation."

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