The Market Situation

In the face of stiff competition, global bio-pharmaceutical companies are on the lookout for profitable investments in different therapeutic areas. One particular area of potential investment is cancer treatment using a class of promising drugs – the Programmed Cell Death Protein 1 (PD-1) Inhibitors. To identify investment opportunities in this therapeutic area, pharmaceutical companies require an in-depth analysis of cancer treatment using PD-1 inhibitors, and a timely review of the competitive landscape.

The WNS Solution

Against this industry backdrop, WNS — a market leader in offering competitive intelligence and analytics for the pharmaceutical industry — leveraged its vast resources of professionals such as chemists, pharmacists, doctors, pharma marketers and analysts, to conduct an in-depth, research-based, therapy area analysis for cancer treatment using PD-1 inhibitors.

This comprehensive analysis comprises:

  • Disease pathophysiology (Functional changes associated with the type of cancer)

  • Disease etiology (Causes and origin of the type of cancer)

  • Use of PD-1 inhibitors in cancer development and progress

  • Identification of the available treatment options for the disease

  • Pipeline analysis to identify the drugs that make up the competitive landscape 

The analysis is supplemented with pipeline analysis, which helps identify drugs that constitute the competitive landscape. 

Expected Outcomes:

WNS' therapy area analysis provides pharmaceutical companies critical insights such as:

  • Treatment gaps in cancer treatment using PD-1 inhibitors

  • PD-1 inhibitor molecules that are available as potential investment opportunities 

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