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Even as we see rising instances of Internet of Things (IoT) implementations across industries, companies need clearer roadmaps to extract value from these deployments. There is also a need for guidelines on transforming processes internally in a staggered manner to prepare departments for IoT adoption. In this context, Business Process Management (BPM) offers a framework to combine IoT architecture and smart processes, enabling enhanced value generation from the millions of data points generated.

A study of leading IoT use cases across niche verticals such as healthcare, insurance, shipping and logistics, and energy and utilities highlight how key processes in these industries are going to be impacted by IoT. With BPM groups involved in the deployment and management of IoT implementations across these processes, companies can:

  • Move beyond isolated edge analytics of device data, and basic process automation based on event data

  • Bridge the gap between device data and event data, and create appropriate business rules to make their processes truly adaptive and data-driven

  • Drive deeper automation and intelligence across processes such as safety checks, client provisioning, work allocation or task routing, and debt collection, wherein process management engines control the flow as well as generate or initiate tasks based on pre-decided business rules

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